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Board Presence for Senior Management Workshop

This powerful 2-day workshop focuses on connecting and presenting to the Board of Directors workshop prepares senior management to interface with Boards of Directors with maximal confidence and presence. Facilitated by experts with extensive Board experience, this workshop goes behind the boardroom doors to examine how Boards operate and what they expect from management. Participants will walk away with deep insights and new skills that they can use at their next Board meeting to achieve impressive outcomes.

Who It's For

This workshop focuses on connecting and presenting to the Board of Directors and is designed for:

  • Direct reports to CEO and C-Level Executives
  • Senior Executives with regular Board interaction
  • Management who interact informally with the Board and its members
  • Department Heads accountable to the Board (such as investor relations, public relations and IT professionals) who may not report directly to its members

What Participants Will Learn

Tailored to your organization’s needs, topics typically include:

1. Board Dynamics

  • An overview of Board responsibilities, composition and diversity, and corporate objectives
  • Why addressing Board of Directors is unique and how to succeed within its parameters

2. Board Management Practices

  • A review of real boardroom experiences to clarify Board members’ expectations
  • How to present with impact, including crafting a compelling message, rehearsing effectively and speaking with confidence
  • Anticipating short attention spans and the right ways to respond
  • Time-management and contingency planning for when presentations are cut short
  • Preparing for the all-important Q&A

3. Developing Leadership and Executive Presence

  • How to develop presence and establish credibility
  • Building a confident mindset
  • Dealing with stress

4. Navigating Potential Pitfalls

  • Tips to avoid missteps within the boardroom milieu

What to Expect by Participating the Board of Directors Workshop

Our approach is to connect, engage and stimulate participant involvement in a safe environment. It is a collaborative process that builds a deeper understanding through conversation and dialogue, based on our proven training techniques.

What Participants Will Receive from the Board Presence Workshop

  • Board Presence workbook
  • Certification badge that can be shared digitally to participants’ LinkedIn account and other profiles

How Your Organization Will Benefit from the Board Presence Workshop

Presenting to the Board of Directors or interacting with Board members requires confidence and presence, which are acquired skills. The learning curve is steep, there’s no margin for error and there’s rarely a second chance for a failed mission. Our proactive approach equips top talent with the skills to ensure productive results across divergent Board interactions. We coach participants to simultaneously combine presence, authenticity and authority with humble confidence in our workshops for presenting to a board of directors.

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Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

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Adriana Quevedo

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