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Executive Presentation Skills Training Workshop

Highly-successful companies understand the immense power of effective communications. In this 1-day, experiential presentation skills training workshop, our expert facilitators equip participants with the skills, tools and practice they need to power up their business communication skills. Participants will walk away with a new-found ability to deliver engaging presentations, convey leadership and authority, and influence and persuade for maximum impact.

Who It's For

This presentation skills training workshop can be customized for all levels:

  • C-Suite executives
  • Senior leaders
  • Managers
  • High potentials

If you require training for one person only, we do provide private coaching.

What Participants Will Learn From the Presentation Skills Training Workshop

Working with you, we customize the effective presentation skills training workshop to fit your needs and participants’ organizational level. Some examples include:

For seasoned executives, experienced at making presentations, we provide preparation for:

  • Presenting in high stakes situations
  • Delivering scripted addresses at conferences
  • Conducting media briefings
  • Answering Q&As

For team leaders or new leaders, the emphasis is refining their skills for:

  • Maintaining a powerful presence through body language and tonality
  • Learning to ask for commitment
  • Being responsive and flexible to the changing needs of the audiences
  • Handling impromptu or unexpected situations

For people managers or new professionals, the emphasis is on is preparing and presenting information with polished proficiency, including:

  • Structuring presentations for impact
  • Developing proper notes to stay on message
  • Bridging to key messages
  • Creating engaging PowerPoint presentations

What to Expect from the Presentation Skills Training Workshop

At Corporate Class, we provide a streamlined, accessible approach to training on the pyramid principle. We remain true to its essential structure, equipping participants to gain a swift mastery of techniques that deliver message clarity. We also record participants and use extensive video playback to ensure participants master the skills quickly, and to their maximum advantage. Participants learn how to engage their audience with what they need to know from the get-go.

What is the Pyramid Principle? In the 1970s, when Harvard MBA graduate Barbara Minto was the first woman consultant at McKinsey, she developed a revolutionary presentation skills training technique called the Pyramid Principle. By starting with the conclusion, her approach literally inverted presentations. The intent was to provide McKinsey’s consultants with a decisive edge – to structure reports that immediately impacted clients within a logical framework. Today, it’s still widely recognized as the gold standard for building effective presentations.

What Participants Will Receive from the Presentation Skills Training Workshop

  • Leadership Skills workbook

How Your Organization Will Benefit from the Presentation Training Workshop

Having adept communication skills is an important leadership quality, yet, as a fundamental soft skill, presentation skills training often takes a backseat to technical training. Our accessible approach, utilizing the pyramid principle, is organized in comprehensible, easy-to-implement techniques that will immediately benefit participants and your organization.

At Corporate Class, our expert facilitators provide in-person and live online presentation skills training workshop in Toronto and anywhere globally. Contact us to learn more or get a quote today.

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Have a Question?
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Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

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Adriana Quevedo

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