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Anti-Racism Online

The anti-racism online workshop is tailored to each audience, and is intended to support, complement, or kickstart your internal initiatives. The topics and materials are applicable to a broad cross-section of job functions and roles, and are aligned with your organizational mission and goals.

The Inclusion Paradigm: Anti-Racism Online Workshop

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a greater understanding of bias, racism, implicit and explicit
  • Enhance understanding of the how race and racism manifest in the workplace and
    the live experiences of employees
  • Practice applying a racial equity lens to scenarios related to race and racism
  • Gain strategies for creating racial equity in the workplace
  • Gain a greater sense of how our brains and socialization affect bias
  • Case for Diversity and Inclusion: A Win-Win
  • What does being a champion and ally mean?
  • The dialogue needed to begin the integration

*Pre-session – Implicit Association Test completed by participants in advance

Changing and improving organizational culture stems from raising awareness, developing tools to address and support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. This starts by inclusive leadership that demonstrates humility, vulnerability, courage and accountability.

CCI’s anti-racism online workshop is highly interactive and includes:

  • A workbook aligned with the breakout sessions
  • Excellent videos that address bias, racism, microaggressions, privilege
  • Case studies and outcomes
  • Workshop references current data from Catalyst, McKinsey, Harvard, Dr. Georgette Zinaty’s own doctoral research etc.
At Corporate Class, our expert facilitators provide in-person and live
online anti-racism workshop and training for businesses or individuals in Toronto and anywhere globally. Contact us to learn more or get a quote today.

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Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

Adriana Quevedo

Director of Executive Search
and On Boarding,
Intel Solutions

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