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Leadership Training in Toronto & Worldwide

About Us

Corporate Class Inc. is in the business of empowering people. Since 1984, we have been a world-class provider of excellent leadership training in Toronto and across the globe. We have worked with multi-national and multi-billion dollar organizations across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and more.

Our Vision

CCI is the global leader in Executive and Leadership Presence; our vision is:

  • To develop exceptional leaders, create better workplaces and positively contribute to a more inclusive and connected society.
  • To help organizations develop compelling and lasting leadership presence amongst their leaders using a scalable and aligned approach; and
  • To help individuals establish their own personal leadership presence imprint by defining and refining their personal strengths.

Our Mission

Mentoring leaders across every organizational level, our mission is: 

  • To help leaders establish their own personal leadership presence imprint by defining and refining their personal strengths.
  • Use a customized approach to move from intention to implementation to integration; shaped by experiential learning principles. The results are impacts you can see, feel and measure.
  • To share our belief that leaders are developed not born. Presence can be cultivated to elevate their uniqueness and impact to build their exceptional.
  • To empower and inspire transformative change in leaders through coaching, training and consulting.
  • To accelerate organization’s growth by providing leaders with industry-leading training.

Our Core Values

We believe in the power of realizing your own worth.





Growth Mindset

Leadership Training in Toronto & Worldwide - Our Promise

Our Promise

  • Elevate talent for overall better business performance.
  • Assist with succession planning by preparing high potentials for upward mobility.
  • Increase employee engagement to discourage turnover.
  • Improve and strengthen relationships across organizational levels and with clients and customers.
  • Enhance the firm’s reputation.

Message From our President & Founder

Diane Craig

We have come a long way since Corporate Class Inc. was founded in 1984 and began leadership training in Toronto, and consulting within North America’s business, government and political sectors. Our portfolio of global clients has expanded dramatically.

Today, we provide leadership training, coaching and consulting to clients around the world. From Europe to the Gulf Region and across the Americas – North, Central and South – we deliver customized services to clients at their headquarters, meetings, conferences and virtually.

Our extensive range of clients shares a common mindset: They understand the importance of developing skills for potential leaders. From C-Suite and senior executives, to middle management and new professionals, our role is to provide customized training that aligns academic and technical expertise with individual and professional strengths and that integrates organizational goals with personal competencies. Everyone wins, employer and employee.

We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise.


We believe the future will demand leaders who:

  • are skilled at being human centered, thoughtful, inclusive and leading globally in times of uncertainty and crisis.
  • leverage their intellect to enhance their interpersonal skills and create stronger human connections
  • develop more complex skills/strengths/characteristics related to developing self and others, particularly with the generational and cultural competency gaps
  • spark insight into behavioral change while embracing the emergence of AI and honing the power of human centered creativity.
  • are highly strategic and agile in their business approach while championing diversity and inclusion as foundational to organizational success.
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