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The traits are divided into 3 main groups:

Group 1: Identity Traits:

This group focuses on traits that center around the individual. We explore: Focus: How well individuals pay attention, focus their minds and stay present. Emotion: Understanding and managing emotions effectively. Composure: Maintaining a sense of balance and composure even in challenging situations.

Group 2: Productivity Traits:

This group revolves around how individuals manage their energy ,their determination and responsibilities. We examine:

Activity: The efficiency indicator: at what level of energy individuals operate and the qualities of their actions.

Boldness: How well does this person overcome obstacles and how much willpower they have to see something through.

Responsibility: The key point about this trait is a person’s ability to respond and act in a way that assumes ownership of the problem and how resilient they are.

Group 3: Relationship Traits:

These traits reflect an individual’s ability to build and nurture personal and professional relationships. We study:

Correct Estimation: How well does this person evaluate reality. It is the person’s willingness and ability to see things as they are and not as they should be.

Empathy: The capacity to understand and relate to the feelings and perspectives of others.

Communication: How effectively one conveys thoughts and ideas to others.

Certification Benefits

  • Earn three income streams as a Certified Trainer.
    • Recurring income by providing access to the Assessment Testing Platform to your clients.
    • Mentoring and coaching for clients who want extra support.
    • Conduct group training sessions for organizations.
  • Learn how to debrief with the unique BTP Protocol which you can use in other areas of your coaching.
  • Re-engage clients with a free redo of their assessments to see improvement
  • Get access to all training slides for the 3-day Certification Training so you can be up and running immediately.
  • Get access to our 100-page manual for the 3-day Certification Training.
  • Get access to our proven workshop slide presentation deck to convert interested prospects to paid clients.
  • Get access to our proven funnel that converts people to your workshop.
  • Life-time support to ensure your continued success.
  • Everything you need to create success fast in this Success Package above

Day 1: The Knowledge

Get a deep understanding of The Breakthrough Point Assessment. Knowing how the different traits operate and how the dynamic between the traits reveals a much more comprehensive picture of the person.


  • Get a full understanding of each one of the traits, how they work, and are being expressed.
  • Discover what Syndromes and Compulsions are and how these two make up 90% of an individual’s personality and are also the very thing that is holding them back the most.
  • Know the person’s main Breakthrough Point, and their Breakthrough Point in Being, Doing, and Having.
  • How to develop programs for transformation and change based on the results from the Breakthrough Point Assessment.

Day 2: The Practicum. The Integration.

Now you’ve got the knowledge, time to make it real. Integrate to knowing.

  • Learn how to evaluate the results as an expert Breakthrough Point Assessment Evaluator.
  • Get to use our Evaluator Template to make your evaluations easy to do and ensure you are giving your client an optimal empowering experience.
  • Roleplays on how to deliver your evaluations to your prospective clients so you can do this with confidence and know you can do an amazing debrief.
  • Discover our 60 second quick Evaluation to quickly understand a person, predict their behaviours and how to best work with them.

Day 3: The Income and Impact Day.

Let’s Get Clients. The Breakthrough Assessment Formula.


  • Create your own Breakthrough Assessment Client Value Journey.
  • Get to learn our proven Breakthrough Point Assessment Formula Enrolment Script.
  • Real practice in enrolling clients using the Breakthrough Point Assessment Enrolment Script.
  • Learn how to use advertising and organic social media marketing to attract and enroll clients using The Breakthrough Point Assessment Formula Marketing Strategies.
  • Walkaway knowing you can attract and enroll clients on demand.

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Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

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