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Empowered Mindset

Building an Empowered Mindset with our Workshop is a journey towards stepping into your power. It’s about showing up for yourself and others by taking a set of actions, steps, choices and course corrections towards acknowledging and accepting your humanness and developing your leadership capacity. It’s about learning how to trust yourself and practice bravery.

At times, we can camouflage our thoughts and opinions in many unconscious ways that dilute our effectiveness. We may use language that is self-diminishing and that can make us sound unsure of ourselves.

The goal is not for us to sound like someone else but rather, work to develop our own unique and authentic voice and point of view while being intentional about how we are coming across to those we want to influence and work with.

To speak with conviction, we have to know our material; we have to believe in our message; and we have to be prepared to take the risk that people might not agree with us. Now more than ever, it’s important to approach each day intentionally.

During this 4-part (8-hour) interactive workshop, our expert facilitator will deliver high-impact content that’s tailored to your business and aligned with your strategy.

The Empowered Mindset workshop consists of three pillars that focus on:

  1. Purpose, Presence & Power
  • Leadership presence, body language and conquering confidence
  • Re-claiming your voice and stepping into your power
  • Growth vs. fixed mindset
  • Building resilience
  • Developing your leadership journey
  1. The Confidence Climb
  • How you show up
  • Building and practicing confidence
  • Grappling with self-doubt
  • Mastering your mindset
  • Developing your personal brand
  1. Speaking Up & Developing Resilience
  • Speaking with impact
  • Assertiveness vs. aggressiveness
  • Interrupting bias and microaggression
  • Managing your energy and triggers
  • RISE model
  • Healthy mind platter and boundaries

With a focus on purpose, presence, power, confidence, and effective communication, attendees leave the workshop equipped with the tools to elevate their leadership abilities and thrive in diverse environments.

Who It's For

This workshop can be customized for all levels:

  • C-Suite executives
  • Senior leaders and managers
  • High potentials
  • Employees

By tailoring the content to the specific needs of each group, this workshop ensures that participants gain maximum value and relevance from the sessions. It creates a unified vision for a workplace that celebrates diversity, nurtures talent, and embraces an empowered mindset for all members of the organization.

*This program offers a safe and open space for all including women, transgender and non-binary people. We work together to create an inclusive experience.

What Participants Will Learn From the Empowered Mindset Workshop

  • The importance of developing Executive Presence for career progression and leadership development
  • A greater understanding of how we show up and how our actions can diminish our confidence
  • How to address self-doubt and the imposter syndrome
  • Strategies for developing greater confidence and self-advocacy
  • How to make your work visible
  • Where to begin with mentorship, sponsorship and allyship
  • How to develop a roadmap for individual success

What to Expect From the Empowered Mindset Workshop

This workshop is designed to change your mindset, get you to rethink what you know about yourself, and open and create new opportunities for you to connect, engage, and expand your network. The program takes a highly collaborative approach based on conversation and dialogue, and integrates interactive training techniques that come from the science of neuroleadership.

Our empowerment coaching workshops are interactive, open to all, and are designed to cultivate an empowerment mindset that brings about actionable results. In a welcoming and inclusive space, we address sensitive and important issues, empowering participants to embrace an empowered mindset.

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If you want to lift up humanity, empower women. It is the most comprehensive, pervasive, high-leverage investment you can make in human beings.

Melinda Gates

The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World

What Participants Will Receive From the Empowered Mindset Workshop

The empowerment workshop is highly interactive and includes:

  • A workbook is designed for participants to reference and use during the breakout sessions
  • Engaging videos (~9) and activities (~20) that put learning into practice
  • An integrative, experiential approach informed by the latest research from Catalyst, McKinsey, Harvard, Dr. Georgette Zinaty’s own doctoral research and more

How Your Organization Will Benefit From the Empowered Mindset Workshop

CCI’s Empowered Mindset workshop is aimed at a corporate audience, and is intended to support, complement or kickstart your internal initiatives. The topics and materials are applicable to a broad cross-section of job functions and roles, and many workshop topics can be taken by anyone within your network — from front-line staff to the CEO. Engage in our Empowered Mindset Workshop today!

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