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Discover Your Unique Value Proposition

Discover Your Unique Value Proposition Workshop and Team Coaching

Team coaching is multi-faceted and during the Fascination Advantage Assessment Workshop and Team Coaching, the team will gain a deeper understanding of the individuals that make up the team, as well as an understanding of the overarching personality and characteristics of the team itself.

The International Coaching Federation defines team coaching as: “partnering in a co-creative and reflective process with a team and its dynamics and relationships in a way that inspires them to maximize their abilities and potential in order to reach their common purpose and shared goals.”

The Fascination Advantage System provides many valuable insights to support the team in reaching new heights.

Fascination Advantage® Workshop and Team Coaching

The Benefits of Taking the Fascination Advantage Assessment

There are many benefits to taking the Fascination Advantage Assessment. For example, you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate more effectively
  • How to build stronger relationships
  • How to advance your career
  • How to be more influential

The World Has Changed.

The world has changed.

The way we interact has changed.

Businesses are now more focused than ever on their points of contact with employees and customers. And who is leading these interactions? Each and every employee!

In this hyperconnected, distracted world, organizations need to engage their employees and develop them to be their best, because if they are not working at their highest potential neither is the organization.

In fact, a study by Gallup shows that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.

Finding the Highest Value of Coworkers and Employees

Helping employees unlock their personality Advantages and inspiring people to use Advantages to be the best version of themselves will:

• Increase confidence
• Create happier, more productive employees
• Heightened performance
• Foster higher-earning companies

Fascination Advantage Assessment Helps Leaders and Team Members

• Communicate in a way that captures attention, so they effectively combat distraction and make meaningful connections
• Become more engaged in their job and understand how their work impacts and influences their team and company
• Contribute to building a high-functioning team that gets results and propels the business forward

How Advantages Impact the Team

Diversity improves results more than similarities do.

Imagine you’re going camping in a rugged environment. You want to bring a variety of tools. You wouldn’t want to bring just a fork, or just a magnifying glass, or just a pair of scissors.
To overcome a range of challenges, you need a variety of tools.

That’s why teams need to know how to tap into each other’s Advantages so that they can help each other excel and avoid their shared pitfalls.

It’s critical for companies to identify and understand how each individual contributes to the whole, so each person can develop signature areas of performance.

How Individual Advantages Contribute

There are many ways to communicate and become more valuable.

Understanding the full spectrum of differences helps each team member understand how they can make a difference.

Leaders and managers will find it enormously helpful to understand the top Advantages of their customers and employees. It will help them predict someone’s distinct values, behavior, results, and how they will contribute to the team.

Why Create A Team Heat Map?

The next step is to look at the combined Advantages of the team to gain even more insight.

Using the Fascination Advantage® System, we can predict how an organization is most (and least) likely to solve problems, deal with conflict, and reach conclusions.

The tool we use for this is called a Team Heat Map.

Team Heat Maps help us to:

• Identify a team’s communication style
• Identify the hidden patterns in a team’s Advantage
• Know and understand if they have one dominant Advantage, or if the team is evenly balanced
• Identify and know their core specialty, or potentially even a disadvantage

When an Advantage Becomes a Disadvantage

In the same way that stress, overwhelm and overwork can become too intense for an individual, a high concentration of a single Advantage can become a disadvantage when a team gets stressed. They may lean towards the Advantage with the highest representation and become unbalanced.

How to Analyze and Interpret a Team

Having the ability to analyze and interpret a team using the Fascination Advantage® is invaluable.

How to Analyze a Team Using the Swot Framework

SWOT provides a simple but useful framework and is often used for:

• Evaluating a competitive position
• Strategic planning
• Decision making
• Benchmarking
• Making improvements

How Your Organization Will Benefit from the Fascination Advantage Assessment

• Identify new areas of potential within team members
• Inspire high performance by identifying what individuals are doing right (so that they can do more of it)
• Improve employee engagement
• Foster positive communication and strong teams through understanding unique styles and approaches

How Your Organization Will Benefit from the Fascination Advantage Assessment

What if you could identify new areas of potential within your existing employees?

What if you could inspire every single person on your team to perform at their best?

The Fascination Advantage Assessment is different than any other type of workshop or training.

Great brands analyze their outward communication which makes them more valuable and admired. You can do the same with individuals. The Fascinate® system highlights how they communicate at their best.

We identify the qualities that make each person a valued and essential part of the team.

Instead of focusing on what people need to “fix,” we highlight what they’re already doing right, so they can do more of it.

While spending the last decade measuring over a million professionals, we’ve uncovered a few important nuggets:

• When an employer showcases each person’s advantages, they fuel performance, and build the foundation of a culture of engagement throughout the company.
• If employees get the message that they need to “fix” themselves, they often shut down, or leave the company. Either way, the potential is lost. Employees need to feel that they are empowered and a valuable part of the team.

In today’s competitive business world, it’s important to stand out and make an impact. The Fascination Advantage Assessment from Corporate Class Inc. helps you uncover your unique strengths and communicate your value to others.

Team with 2 hr workshop and Heat Map (Starts at $4,300):

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Have a Question?
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Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

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