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Women Innovators’ Network

We’re All in for the WIN

Are you a woman ready to rise or guide other women on their leadership journey? If so, there’s a place at the table for you at the Women Innovators’ Network (WIN). We connect dynamic coaches with women involved in not-for-profit organizations —Find out how the program works, how to get involved, and take a peek behind the scenes at the incredible women behind it all.

What We Want to Accomplish
Let’s start with the mission, purpose, and values behind every ‘WINnovation’ we achieve.

“Success isn’t about winning everything; it’s about achieving your dream, be that teaching middle school or flying jets. And no matter what we as individual women want, no matter what our goals, we have to support one another.”

-Zosia Mamet, actress and musician

Our Purpose: Lighting the Fire

Many people dream of changing the world. Our purpose is to fulfil this dream by giving women the tools they need to succeed. WIN is powered by a three-pronged approach to women helping women:

Our Purpose: Lighting the Fire

Many people dream of changing the world. Our purpose is to fulfil this dream by giving women the tools they need to succeed. WIN is powered by a three-pronged approach to women helping women:
Coaching: Motivated by coaches who’ve already achieved success, women on the rise can fuel the fire in their bellies to achieve their goals. They receive outstanding support with one hour a month with a minimum 6-month commitment from their coaches.

Training: Leadership training, business coaching, and presentation skills provide industry-leading education that empowers participants. For example, the Empowered Mindset Program gives coachees the confidence to claim authority and move projects forward. Our free, self-paced online leadership program allows women to make steady, comfortable progress.

Microfinancing: Partnering with Opportunity International and not-for-profit organizations, WIN helps coachees get the funding to establish and grow their businesses.
To do this, WIN has created a supportive movement dedicated to championing
women and closing gender and equality gaps!

Vision: Women Uplifting Women

Coaching, training, and microfinancing extraordinary women ready to become high-energy, forward-thinking leaders.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to imposter syndrome and take advantage of supportive, knowledgeable certified business coaches, this program is for you. Our coaches are inspirational leaders, compassionate people, and motivating forces for those whose lives they touch. Learn how they skilfully move employees, business partners, and clients to action.

Does this sound like you? Join our volunteer coaching roster to become part of the tapestry of this visionary, compelling philanthropy.

Mission: Identifying and Connecting WINners

WIN partners with not-for-profit organizations (NFPs) committed to amplifying the businesses of professional women through microfinancing and education. Participants have a unique opportunity to learn from experienced coaches who have already broken past barriers, started their own businesses, and have a wealth of insights they are willing to share.

As part of this vital mission, the Women Innovators’ Network will:

  • Show women in business their individual power through coaching and training
  • Build on the efforts of NFP partners by providing laser-focused leadership programs
  • Provide a virtual meeting place for coaches to pass on the torch to the next generation of leaders
  • Galvanize women with ambitious professional and personal goals

Values That Make the WIN Possible

  • Stewardship for the love of women’s wisdom and empowerment
  • Partnership with organizations helping women through education and microfinancing
  • Leadership that inspires and ignites women into action
  • Ownership that includes a commitment to growing the confidence, economic success, and well-being of women

How Does WIN Work?

WIN recruits coachees sponsored by their NFP employers or supporters. These exceptional women have the innate ability to be successful business leaders and need the right support at the right time. Corporate Class Inc (CCI) provides this through WIN – coaching, microfinancing and leadership training.

WIN provides the platform for women to participate in the ‘WINnovation’ movement. The program falls under the umbrella of Corporate Class Inc., an international corporate leadership training company that’s been training leaders since 1984.

Coachees & Coaches

  •  Coachees get the training they need to achieve personal and business goals:
  •  Coaches also receive training, join a network of incredible women, give back to the community by coaching one of our incredible coachees for one hour a month for 6 months, and gain bragging rights for their personal brand.


  •  NFPs can promote their philanthropic achievement by showing WIN participation on their websites, social media, and other marketing materials.

The Women Behind WIN

The story behind WIN starts with Diane Craig, President and Founder of Corporate Class Inc., and the brain behind the Women Innovators’ Network. Diane has developed corporate leaders for 30 years. She is a valued advisor to Fortune 500 companies, national and international media, and government agencies.

Diane’s resume includes a plethora of charitable work, from organ donation and fundraising to sitting on national and provincial boards of charities, and so on. In 2018, she stepped away from some of her activities, sensing she had another purpose to serve. It all came together in 2021, when she realized that she wanted to focus on helping women succeed in business. When women win, families win, and society as a whole moves a step closer to true equity.

Her distinctive approach is already considered “the gold standard for corporate training.” Now, she has poured all her drive, experience, and dynamism into the WIN. Her definition of Executive Presence goes beyond ability and talent.

“Executive Presence is neither exclusive nor elusive. It can be learned,” according to Diane Craig.

WIN Partners


Leigh Gauthier

Christiane St-Amour

Terri Williams

Devonia Debeck

Janis Ryder

Jenny Barkan

Leda Turai

Tony Porfilio

Zuzana Jojicova

Judith Puttock

Julia Borgan

Molly Rose Teuke

Gerry McCune

Cheryl Reich

Laura Begg

Karen King

Maravi Melendez-Davis

Amy Irvin

Catherine Baskin

Yvonne Havlicek

Kris Liebau

Kris Fry

Beth Smith

Lisa Comeau

Barry Kuntz

How Can YOU Join the WINning Team?

WIN gives women the chance to improve their lives and enhance the lives of future generations. Would you like to join this revolution as a coach or coachee?

Contact WIN to learn more about our programs or join our WINning team today! Please complete the appropriate application form.

Join the WINning Team

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