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Women Innovator’s Network 

Are you a woman ready to move forward in your leadership journey? If you work or volunteer with a not-for-profit organization and have a passion for professional and personal growth for yourself and others, there’s a place for you at WIN (Women Innovators’ Network). Our 6-month carefully designed program includes virtual workshops, leadership development online self-study modules, and confidential individual leader coaching.

Seize this opportunity to develop your leadership capabilities. Read on to find out how the program works, how to get involved, and meet the incredible women on the WIN Team.


“Success isn’t about winning everything; it’s about achieving your dream, be that teaching middle school or flying jets. And no matter what we as individual women want, no matter what our goals, we have to support one another.”

-Zosia Mamet, actress and musician

Purpose of the WIN Program

To promote the personal and professional growth of women working in not-for-profit organizations and minimize the gender gap, by providing coaching and training opportunities.

Vision of the WIN Program

New and emerging female leaders in not-for-profit organizations will be equipped to impact stronger results for themselves and their organizations.

Values of the WIN Program

1. Stewardship – of women’s wisdom and empowerment

2. Ownership – and the commitment of each participant to learning and development

3. Leadership – and the love of inspiration and achievement

Mission of the WIN Program

1. To develop leadership competencies of women working in not-for-profit (NFP) organizations.

2. To partner with NFP organizations to support their efforts in helping women thrive and progress in their organizations.

3. To provide a platform for coaches eager to contribute their skills and empower women to reach their professional and personal goals.

Key Components of the WIN Program

Coaching: WIN Participants will be paired with a certified Leader Coach. Coaches provide 6 hours of leadership coaching during the 6-month WIN program. WIN Coaches are not expected to be business advisers, therapists, or mentors, but rather partners in facilitating the growth and development of their ‘Coachee’ by asking insightful questions and providing encouragement and often resources. WIN Participants are asked to come to each session prepared to identify what they want to focus on. Coaching helps Coachees to explore their leadership strengths and areas for development, and work on specific strategies for personal growth and advancement in their careers.

Training: WIN Participants are enrolled in Corporate Class Inc.’s internationally acclaimed Leadership Presence online program. Designed for leaders and top performers, this acclaimed program offers 8 hours of interactive learning modules, activities and quizzes that are to be completed at your own pace over the course of your 6-month program. Participants learn what it means to have ‘presence’, how to build it, and how having a strong presence can help you become a better leader and advance your career.

WIN Participants are also required to attend 2 virtual 3-hour workshops (over the course of the 6 months), that are entitled The Empowered Mindset, focusing on women in leadership. These workshops provide Participants with an opportunity to interact with colleagues in their cohort, other Coaches, and the instructor.

Networking: WIN Participants become part of a Cohort of approximately 10 other women leaders from not-for-profit organizations. There will be a variety of opportunities to interact with Cohort colleagues. Participants are required to attend a Program Introduction Meeting at the beginning of the Program. Breakout groups during the 2 virtual workshops provide great forums for Participants to get to know each other and meet other Coaches. Finally, there is a Celebration and Debrief Meeting near the conclusion of the Program. In addition, those who complete the WIN program become members of a WIN Alumni LinkedIn group that widens their network.

How Does WIN Work?

WIN recruits participants sponsored by their NFP employers or supporters. These exceptional women have the innate ability to be successful leaders and need the right support at the right time. Corporate Class Inc (CCI) provides this through WIN – coaching and leadership training.

WIN provides the platform for women to participate in the ‘WINnovation’ movement. The program falls under the umbrella of Corporate Class Inc., an international corporate leadership training company that’s been training leaders since 1984.

Participants & Coaches

Participants receive the development they need to achieve their personal and professional goals: Free self-study online training program; two facilitated workshops; joining a network of women leaders; and six hours of leader coaching with a certified coach – a $5000 value –

Coaches receive the opportunity to join a network of incredible women; contribute to the development of a female leader; and build this experience into their personal brand.

Not-for-Profit (NFP) Organizations

NFPs can demonstrate their commitment to leadership development and particularly women in leadership by showing WIN participation on their websites, social media, and other marketing materials. Highlighting one of your WIN Participant’s experiences with the WIN program can support your organization’s recruiting, development, and retention strategies.

Below you will find all the amazing NFP organizations participating in WIN!

The WIN Team

Founder of the Program

Diane Craig,
President, Corporate Class Inc.

The story behind WIN starts with Diane Craig, President and Founder of Corporate Class Inc., and the brain behind the Women Innovators’ Network. Diane has developed corporate leaders for 30 years. She is a valued advisor to Fortune 500 companies, national and international media, and government agencies.

Diane’s resume includes a plethora of charitable work, from organ donation and fundraising to sitting on national and provincial boards of charities, and so on. In 2018, she stepped away from some of her activities, sensing she had another purpose to serve. It all came together in 2021, when she realized that she wanted to focus on helping women succeed in business. When women win, families win, and society as a whole moves a step closer to true equity.

Her distinctive approach is already considered “the gold standard for corporate training.” Now, she has poured all her drive, experience, and dynamism into the WIN. Her definition of Executive Presence goes beyond ability and talent.

“Leadership Presence is neither exclusive nor elusive. It can be learned,” according to Diane Craig.

Program Administrator

Jane Twohey

Jane Twohey brings many years of administrative experience working with a variety of organizations in the academic, corporate, and not-for profit sectors. Jane serves as WIN’s Program Administrator and thoroughly enjoys working with both the participants and coaches to ensure a smooth WIN journey.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Janis Ryder

Janis Ryder is a seasoned leader with experience in the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors. She is also a certified leader coach with a strong human resources background. When Diane Craig shared her vision for WIN with Janis and asked if she would participate as a Coach in the program pilot, she immediately responded with a resounding, ‘Yes!’.

After launching the first WIN Cohort, Janis offered to take on coordinating the program for Diane, providing a liaison for participants and coaches throughout their 6-month WIN journey. This now includes recruiting and matching participants and coaches, as well as facilitating networking meetings and working closely with WIN Administrator, Jane Twohey to ensure a positive WIN experience for everyone.

Participating NFP Organizations


How Can YOU Join the WINning Team?

WIN gives women the chance to improve their lives and enhance the lives of future generations. Would you like to join this revolution as a participant or coach?

Contact WIN to learn more about our programs or join our WINning team today! Please complete the application form.

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