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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training for HR Professionals Only

Develop a sound understanding of what it means to create a safe and sustainable organizational culture

As a human resource professional, you're tasked with being the architect of your organization's culture. The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training for HR Professionals program is designed to help you navigate conversations around key topics, build buy-in from the top level, and define a high-level strategy.

Created based on direct feedback from senior HR leaders across industries and customized for a relevant, practical experience, this diversity and inclusion training for HR professionals aims to bring HR leaders together in a safe and open environment. You'll learn from expert instructors with experience working in the field and from other HR leaders like yourself.

Challenge yourself to create an environment where employees from all backgrounds can thrive. You’ll learn through:

  • data
  • hands-on exercises
  • case studies based on
  • real companies
  • videos and storytelling
  • workbooks
  • action planning

By the end of this diversity and inclusion training for HR professionals, you’ll develop a sound understanding of what organizations need to know to foster inclusive cultures – and a network of peers you can turn to for sharing experiences, challenges and solutions.


  • Identify what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean in today’s workplace
  • Know how to address blind spots and implicit or unconscious bias
  • Present a strong case for why DEI is a win-win for your organization
  • Learn how to foster championship and allyship


Subject to change.

Kickoff and Onboarding event – prior to the program. Date TBD.

Session 1

  • Deep dive into biases
  • Lived experiences of employees
  • Accessibility
  • Intersectionality

Session 2

  • How to identify micro-aggressions
  • How to talk about privilege
  • How to have culturally competent conversations

Session 3

  • Moving from good intentions to integration part 1
  • Measurement
  • Optional networking activity

Session 4

  • Moving from good intentions to integration part 2
  • Building allyship
  • Championing and building consensus
  • Integration of inclusion

Designed to Deliver Maximum Impact Virtually

Experience the power of achieving your goals, even in disruptive environments. We’ve not only adapted our leading open enrolment portfolio for a virtual environment, but have designed our programs to capitalize on the unique benefits offered by online settings.

These programs make it easy for you to continue your growth while you navigate the current challenges of working from different environments. Access world-class instructors in live sessions for the latest research and insights, grow your connections with peers from different industries and organizations and refine your leadership strengths from the comfort of wherever you are with our diversity, equity & inclusion training for HR professionals.

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This is the first time this kind of training has been useful and I have participated in seven or eight sessions elsewhere previously.

It was an aha moment to recognize that many behaviours are fitting a predetermined narrative we have and it was excellent to work through how we address that.

We have come a long way in history to further close the gender gap between men and women, but needless to say there is lots of room to improve. I appreciated the discussion of the difference between equality and equity, and how given our position in society we have different needs in order to receive equality due to how our world is inherently structured.

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