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Lunch and Learns

Customized 60-minute or 90-minute lunch & learn sessions

Advance your employee’s leadership skills with Corporate Class Inc.’s sought-after training workshops – delivered as 60-minute or 90-minute lunch & learn programs.

Aligned with your corporate goals, our customized lunch and learn workshops are highly interactive, engaging and delivered using neuroleadership coaching techniques. Unlike typical lunch & learns, our programs inspire participants to discover their own leadership capabilities and set personal goals for continued development.

Lunch & Learn Topics

Customized to fit your corporate goals, choose from our popular topics:

1. Introduction to Executive & Leadership Presence

This lunch and learn session explores the foundations of Executive & Leadership Presence to inspire participants to understand the relationships between other people’s perceptions and their own self-awareness – and the impact these factors have on their personal leadership skills development.

2. First Impressions

People are constantly judging others – and being judged. First impressions are made during initial meetings, video calls, presentations or other interactions. In this session, participants will discover how first impressions are created, how body language and non-verbal communication play a role, and how to create a powerful first impression.

3. Presentation Skills

Highly-successful companies understand the immense power of effective communications. In this session, participants will walk away with a new-found ability to deliver engaging presentations, convey leadership and authority, and influence and persuade for maximum impact.

4. Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an inclusive organization requires leadership founded upon humility, vulnerability, courage and accountability. In this lunch & learn session, participants will learn what diversity, equality and inclusion mean in today’s workplaces; how to identify and mitigate bias; what steps to take to create psychological safety; how to foster championship and allyship; and much more.

5. Managing Stress and Building Resilience

In today’s connected world, many people are in a state of over-extension. In small doses, stress helps with performance and acts as a motivator. However, out of control, it can dilute effectiveness, interfere with well-being and impact interactions with others. In this session, participants learn the difference between stress and distress, the signs and symptoms of stress, energy management strategies to deactivate stress triggers and how to boost resilience by reframing situations.

6. Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify personal emotions and those of others, and decide on the best course of action. During this session, participants examine emotional and social intelligence building blocks to sharpen their personal awareness. They learn how to: improve self-awareness, resulting in control over emotions and actions; perceive and express emotions; develop strategies to regulate emotions by anticipating triggers; and motivate people and influence behaviour.

At Corporate Class, our expert facilitators provide in-person and live online lunch and learn training in Toronto and anywhere globally. Contact us to learn more or get a quote today.

7. Negotiations and Self Advocacy

Reintegration into the workplace and hybrid workplaces (+resilience) is about rethinking what we know about how we work together, creating innovative spaces, making the most out of the times we are together (ie. maximizing work and belonging) and recognizing the personality types post covid.

8. Customized Lunch and Learn

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