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Breakthrough Point Assessment Program

Breakthrough Point Assessment Program

Self Assessment & Orientation Workshop

Self Assessment & Orientation Workshop

Unlock your utmost potential by acquiring self-awareness insights that have the power to create substantial impact and meaningful transformation in your career and personal life today.

Use the Breakthrough Point Assessment
To Predictably increase by 10X
Your Client Attraction, Client Enrolment,
Greater Engagement and Leader Impact
Starting now and Onwards!!!

Use the Breakthrough Point Assessment To Predictably increase by 10X Your Client Attraction, Client Enrolment, Greater Engagement and Leader Impact Starting now and Onwards!!!

Register to the workshop by clicking below, and receive an email with a link to complete the assessment.

Welcome to the Breakthrough Assessment 5-hour Orientation Workshop, a powerful tool designed for Leaders, Coaches, HR practitioners, Psychologists, and Change Agents to gain valuable insights into their personalities and abilities. In this workshop, we delve into the fundamental traits of the human condition, exploring key abilities necessary for viable personal and professional growth.

The Breakthrough Assessment 5-Hour Workshop:

The Breakthrough Assessment Workshop is dedicated to investigating the Ten Traits Matrix essential for success.

1. Focus
2. Emotion
3. Composure
4. Certainty
5. Activity/Energy
6. Boldness
7. Responsibility
8. Correct Estimation
9. Empathy
10. Communication

The traits are divided into 3 main groups:

Group 1: Identity Traits:

This group focuses on traits that center around the individual. We explore:

Focus: How well individuals pay attention, focus their minds and stay present.

Emotion: Understanding and managing emotions effectively.

Composure: Maintaining a sense of balance and composure even in challenging situations.

Group 2: Productivity Traits:

This group revolves around how individuals manage their energy, their determination and responsibilities. We examine:

Activity: The efficiency indicator: at what level of energy individuals operate and the qualities of their actions.

Boldness: How well does this person overcome obstacles, and how much willpower they have to see something through?

Responsibility: The key point about this trait is a person’s ability to respond and act in a way that assumes ownership of the problem and how resilient they are.

Group 3: Relationship Traits:

These traits reflect an individual’s ability to build and nurture personal and professional relationships. We study:

Correct Estimation: How well does this person evaluate reality? It is the person’s willingness and ability to see things as they are and not as they should be.

Empathy: The capacity to understand and relate to the feelings and perspectives of others.

Communication: How effectively one conveys thoughts and ideas to others

The Breakthrough Assessment:

The personal Personality Assessment comprises ten separate tests, the results of which are graphed to create a comprehensive profile. It is essential to interpret the complete picture as each trait contributes uniquely to the individual’s personality as they all interrelate to each other. Jumping to conclusions based on isolated traits may lead to misunderstandings.

Who Can Benefit:

The Breakthrough Assessment Workshop is tailored for:
  • Professionals at all levels seek to enhance their leadership skills and personal growth.

  • Coaches, HR practitioners, Psychologists and all Change Agents looking to understand their clients better and provide targeted guidance.


Assessment Details:

Participation in the Breakthrough Point Assessment 5hrs Workshop is completely free of cost. To get the most out of the workshop, we kindly request all participants to take the personal BTP Assessment before attending the session. The assessment comprises ten separate tests that will provide valuable insights into your personality and abilities.

Assessment Submission:

To take the assessment, you will be sent an email with instructions. Simply open the link in the email, and follow the instructions to complete the assessment. Rest assured that all your responses will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of generating your personalized profile.

Results Delivery:

Upon completing the assessment, we will send you a comprehensive report via email, allowing you to review and familiarize yourself with your unique traits and tendencies. Make sure to check your inbox for the results, which will be sent out one day before the scheduled workshop.

Workshop Preparation:

To make the most of our time together during the workshop, we encourage all participants to take some time to review their assessment results beforehand. Familiarizing yourself with your profile will enable you to actively participate in the interactive sessions and discussions, leading to a deeper understanding of your personality and potential areas for growth.

Reading the Results:

During the workshop, our experienced facilitators will guide you through the process of interpreting and understanding your assessment results. We understand that looking at the graph can be overwhelming without proper context. Therefore, our experts will help you comprehend the significance of each trait, its interaction with others, and how they collectively contribute to your unique personality.

Interactive Sessions:

The Breakthrough Point Assessment Workshop is designed to be interactive and engaging. You will have the opportunity to discuss your insights, share experiences, and learn from other participants. Our facilitators will be there to answer any questions and provide individualized guidance as needed.

Join Us for the Workshop:

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain profound insights into your personality and abilities. Reserve your spot in the Breakthrough Point Assessment Workshop and take a transformative step towards personal and professional growth. 

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