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ICF Certified Executive Presence and Leadership Skills Program

Elevate Your Executive Presence and Leadership Skills with this exclusive ICF Certification

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? This virtual Executive Presence and Leadership Skills coaching certification is a comprehensive and dynamic offering that covers crucial aspects of modern leadership development.

This ICF Certification program is for coaches who want to accelerate their careers and help transform their clients with new substantial tools. By engaging in this certification program, you will learn for yourself and your clients:

  1. How to create a great first impression
  2. Connect authentically
  3. Learn how neuroscience influences our presence
  4. Instil trust quickly
  5. Build confidence in yourself and others
  6. Become more influential
  7. Enhance your brand
  8. Increase your visibility
  9. Engage your audience and stay on message during key conversations and presentations
  10. Develop inclusive leadership environment
  11. Discover your own leadership style
  12. Navigate office politics
  13. Increase your emotional intelligence
  14. Build and implement new skills with a powerful plan
  15. Enjoy a purposeful and meaningful career

Key Takeaways

This certification is designed for all participants to understand and improve their Executive Presence by focusing on the key concepts of gravitas, communication and leadership best practices. It emphasizes the ICF Core Competencies, which include demonstrating ethical practice, maintaining presence, active listening, and cultivating trust and safety.

Who Should Enroll

Executive Coaches, Change Agents and Trainers: Professionals who coach, mentor or train others in leadership skills and want to enhance their coaching toolkit and earn credit towards their ICF accreditation.

  • Coaches who are looking to develop their Executive Presence and transfer this knowledge to their clients
  • HR Professionals who are coaching their internal clients
  • Change Agents and consultants looking to enhance their influence and leadership abilities

Executive Presence and Leadership Skills Coaching Program Overview

Program Aim

Executive Presence is neither exclusive nor elusive. In this virtual Executive Presence coaching program, you will learn what it takes to develop and master new skills as a credible coach and leader. Interactive, experiential, and powerful, you will walk away with insight and tools to help you establish a high level of personal effectiveness, confidence, clarity and impact. You will also be able to use the many tools this program offers with your own clients. This Executive Presence and Leadership Skills coaching program derives from our highly internationally acclaimed Executive Presence workshop delivered to Executives at Fortune 500 companies around the world and to individuals across all levels and industry sectors.

Are you ready to take your coaching skills to another level?

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the four pillars of Executive Presence
  • Gain insights into the role of executive presence in coaching and career advancement for you and your clients
  • Learn leadership best practices including building psychological safety, inclusive leadership, emotional intelligence, neuorleadership influence, and effective goal-setting.
Overall, this certification provides a comprehensive approach to enhancing Executive Presence and Leadership Skills through a mix of prework, in-class learning, and reflective assignments. The focus on interactive learning and real-world application helps participants gain practical skills and insights.

Workshop Outline

The Executive Presence and Leadership Skills program is structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

This outline provides a unique opportunity for developing Executive Presence and Leadership Skills, combining prework, in-class learning, and reflection assignments for a well-rounded learning experience. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:


Before the program begins, participants will complete a series of asynchronous exercises, readings, and reflections to build a foundational understanding of Executive Presence and Leadership Skills. This prework is designed to help you become familiar with key concepts and set the stage for the in-class sessions.

Session 1: Introduction & First Impressions

  • Objective: Understand the importance of first impressions in leadership and identify key factors that influence how you’re perceived.
  • Activities: Review foundational concepts through class discussions, break into pairs for reflection exercises, and self-assess your current Executive Presence.

Session 2: Communication Skills

  • Objective: Develop effective communication techniques, including body language, tone, and engagement strategies.
  • Activities: Role-play scenarios, group discussions on communication challenges, and exercises to improve active listening and empathy.

Session 3: Personal Branding & Conversational Intelligence

  • Objective: Learn how to create a compelling personal brand and use conversational intelligence to build trust and influence.
  • Activities: Group exercises to explore personal branding, role-plays to practice conversational skills, and reflection questions to assess progress.

Session 4: Leadership Best Practices

  • Objective: Explore key leadership concepts such as psychological safety, empathy, neuroleadersip influence and effective goal-setting.
  • Activities: Self-reflection on personal leadership style, discussions on purpose-driven leadership, and exercises to develop strategies for goal achievement.

ICF believes in the importance of education and credentialing for a few key reasons:

  • Coach practitioners are increasingly likely to agree that their clients expect coach practitioners to be certified/credentialed. 
  • Almost three in four (74%) said they currently hold a credential or certification from a professional coaching organization, up from 70% in the 2016 study.
  • Credential Certificate

Document your achievement with an attractive certificate, available when you complete our Executive Presence and Leadership Skills certification program.

  • Digital Badge & Lapel Pin

Display Your Credential with a simple and verifiable way to display your knowledge and skills online, and in-person with a lapel pin.

Final Assignment

After completing all sessions, participants are given a final assignment to demonstrate their learning. This can include a personal transformation outline or an explanation of how the workshop has improved their competency in key Executive Presence and Leadership Skills areas.

This program is ideal for those who want to:

  • Become more influential, persuasive and inspiring
  • Exude charisma
  • Elevate your status
  • Attract people
  • Win clients
  • Network with confidence anywhere and with anyone
  • Get to the next level
  • Enhance your reputation

Optional 16-Week Sustainability Program

When purchasing this program, you may want to consider the Optional 16-Week Sustainability Program

Each week, for 16 weeks following the workshop you receive an email further detailing a topic covered in the workshop for you to work on during that particular week. There will also be an activity to help you put what you learned in to practice each week with some new material. On the last week you will take a test in order to receive your certification of attainment.

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Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

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Adriana Quevedo

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About The Leadership Skills and Executive Presence Training Program

This practical two-day workshop focuses on teaching transferable skills to communicate with confidence and poise. Each participant will have the opportunity to practice in a variety of situations and receive feedback from peers and the instructor.

Case studies are customized to your specific work environment. Participants learn core skills to enhance their ability to communicate with confidence in everyday situations. Whether the focus is customer service, supervision, team building or leadership, making a positive first impressions, gravitas, strong interpersonal communication skills and a professional appearance are all critical components for accessing and enhancing executive presence.

Using the best practices of adult education, this highly interactive workshop allows learners to experience new ways of communicating with confidence. In a safe environment, they practice, discuss and reflect on their learning experiences. They complete a self-assessment and set goals for ongoing development. Our aim is to educate our clients so that they are able to look the part and act appropriately, professionally, and confidently while carrying themselves with poise and class, in any situation.

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