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What Is Figaro Analytics?

Figaro Analytics is a video coaching platform that provides evidence-based, precise feedback to leaders on what impact their visual expressions, tone and presence are having on their people, organizations, clients and stakeholders across a variety of dimensions such as sentiment, voice and facial expressions.

How Does It Work?

Figaro makes visible and measurable reports on what matters for coaching, training, and mentoring. It provides targeted and specific feedback on core skills for effective communication.

This tool analyzes the words you use, your voice, your expressions and your movements and gestures to see how they are perceived cognitively by others. In doing so, we work to improve your presence and how you express yourself to others. Figaro:

  • Can be easily embedded into any training, mentoring or coaching process
  • Has customizable polling to help focus on what’s important for each type of interaction
  • Provides seamless sharing, commenting, and annotating to give/receive digital feedback across multiple stakeholders consolidated into one place

The Toolkit:

How does this tool analyze your message? Is your message intelligible, informative, efficient, trackable and persuasive? As the messenger, are you competent and connecting to the audience? Do they find you trustworthy and responsive? This tool:

  • Measures your facial expression complexity, fluidity and engagement via proprietary algorithms and MIT datasets from a video.
  • Measures your vocalization speed, the pauses, the pitch and the loudness via proprietary time and frequency domain analyses from the audio.
  • Analyzes the sentiment and structure text of speech via proprietary coding from the transcribed audio.
  • Measures the emotions as seen in the speakers body motions via proprietary coding and analysis from a video.

How you will you benefit?

The data collected and measured provides a rich collection of information to help guide individuals to becoming better presenters, speakers and leaders. In order to lead authentically and with executive presence, one must be able to master and be aware of our often unconscious expressions, and how we may come across – perhaps unintentionally.

Using Figaro and working with a coach we help individuals to focus on the key areas of improvement be it mastering your voice, your body movements, or your facial expressions. When we think of some of the most powerful speeches and effective speakers – these are often people who have perfected the pause, their tone, their physical presence and this comes with practice and the ability to understand not just the content of their speech but also how to project, persuade and present themselves to their audience powerfully and authentically. Figaro and a coach will help you do just that.

Individual with 1 hr debrief ($549)

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Individual with 1 hr debrief ($549)

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