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Video Transcript

An assured self-introduction conveys an impression of Executive Presence. It is a necessary prelude to conversation when people first meet.

Your own self-assured introduction provides an immediate return on investment and plays an essential role in advancing your business relationships.

The way you introduce yourself sets the tone of a relationship. Okay Tom, you’re at a company function, you see Michelle and you approach her to introduce yourself.

Heeey.  How you doin’? I’m Tom.

Heeey.  How you doin’? I’m Tom.

Heeey.  How you doin’? I’m Tom.

The self-introduction is your opportunity to present a polished and professional image. It works in harmony with your handshake. Now, let’s see how Tom scored.

No handshake. Tom should have extended his hand and initiated a handshake.

No full name. Tom should have given his first and last name.

No details about himself. Tom should have provided some brief details. What do you want people to know about you? Make it relevant to the event.

Even in today’s more casual business atmosphere, your introduction creates a powerful first impression.

So Tom, as you approach Michelle, get ready to shake hands as you give her your full name, your department and some relevant background information about yourself. And this time, do it at a leisurely pace.

Hi, I’m Tom Preston with the IT department. I work with Pat Stern and if you need any tech assistance, I’m the one you’ll be calling.

That was great, Tom. Now you’re on your way to developing the first stage of your Executive Presence skills.

Executive Presence means more than a perfectly conducted introduction – it’s NOT just business etiquette – or looking and acting the part.

It is far more than skills, ability, and talent. Executive Presence combines leadership, communication and engagement expertise in a powerful mix – leading to continuous upward mobility.

Executive Presence:
Neither Exclusive nor Elusive™
It can be learned!

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