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Great presentation skills includes skilled use of visual aids

Video Transcript

Great presentation skills include skillful use of visual aids.

Using black screens not visual slides when speaking is one of the best presentation skills tips.


Executive Presence is more than leadership ability…

It is multi-faceted

Hello and welcome to this week’s EP tip

Great leaders know not to have a slide on the screen when they talk


They know that our eyes trump our ears

That means if they leave a slide on the screen

While they’re talking

The audience is looking at the visual

Not listening to what is being said

Visuals win out each and every time

Use visuals as a true aid

Have a ‘black’ slide displayed whenever you speak

Describe what’s about to be seen

Then…reveal the slide…don’t speak over it

Let the audience think about what you just said

And absorb how the visual supports you

A wise man once said

A picture is worth a thousand words

But a picture of a word is just that…

A picture of a word.

Here’s the link to a great video that shows

How visuals can overwhelm even a TED Talk

For additional insights

Check out my article by clicking on this link:

See you again soon!

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