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Great leaders never miss an opportunity to express appreciation.

Video Transcript

One of the traits of a leader is remembering to extend a personal thank after every event.



Executive Presence is more than leadership ability…

It is multi-faceted

Hello and welcome to this week’s EP tip

Great leaders never miss an opportunity

To express appreciation

And this is particularly true when

It comes to leaving an event

As a gracious guest

Leaders seek out the host or hostess

To extend a personal thank you

Within the week

They often follow up with a hand-written card

Handwritten thank-you notes make a lasting…

Memorable and positive impression

Often neglected…always appreciated

Make an effort to say thank you and good-bye

Follow up with a card

Sonya Parker is credited with saying

Almost everyone will make a good first impression

Only a few will make a good lasting impression

How true

Click the link below to see the results

Of Professor Monica Bartlett’s research that proves

Saying thank you grows relationships

See you again soon.

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