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One of the most effective presentation skills is using proper notes

Video Transcript

Good leaders know they reflect excellent business presentation skills when they rely on notes.


Executive Presence is more than leadership ability…

It is multi-faceted

Hello and welcome to this week’s EP tip

When good leaders speak

They don’t rely on their memory

Instead…they use proper notes

To keep them on message

Proper notes list every idea you plan to deliver

No more…no less

Not complete sentences…but ideas

Because that’s the way we talk

In bursts of ideas…separated by pauses

Use proper notes and you will never forget

To say anything important

Use proper notes to prevent you from rambling

To quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt…

Be sincere…be brief…be seated

Follow the link below.

It shows Rick Perry in a 2011 presidential debate forgetting

The name of one of three agencies he pledged to eliminate

If elected

Turns out…he never got the presidential nod but He now is Secretary of this agency…The US Energy Department

Ask yourself…would things have turned out differently

Had he used notes to keep him on track?

See you again soon

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