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Making a Presentation

Video Transcript

Projecting self-confidence is pivotal to Executive Presence and there may be no greater opportunity to demonstrate your confidence than during presentations.

Your polished presentations bring an immediate return on investment.

Effectively sharing information secures your role as an emerging leader.

Tom, you were asked to prepare a presentation for today and now, the floor belongs to you. Please begin. Hi,


Just bear with me just one second here; I got to get need to get to my introduction.



No, no that’s not it at all

It’s not the end at all

I wish


Life Financial Incorporated with your retirement in mind

by Tom Preston

So I’m going to talk for just a little while this morning

It’s 9 o’clock now and we’ll have you out of here by … uh… noon.

I hope. Probably.

And after some recaps and questions and question and answer period, naturally.

Not too long at all

So we’ll jump right in, we’ll just jump in

I want to give you all a sense of 300easy-to-remember-tips for planning saving for your retirement. Easy peasy. Nothing too new here.

We have this slide which is self-explanatory, I mean we’re all professionals here…

The results, the expectations, the swings the growth, you’ve heard that before.

Is it hot?

Investment portfolio management as I was saying

The results and expectations…

Okay… that’s it. Thank you for listening to my presentation

Tom… that was something else. I think we all just learned how NOT to make a presentation. I think you need a little more training.

Executive Presence means more than making a professional presentation – it’s NOT just business etiquette – or looking and acting the part.

It is far more than skills, ability, and talent. Executive Presence combines leadership, communication and engagement expertise in a powerful mix – leading to continuous upward mobility.

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