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Exchanging Business Cards

Video Transcript

As part of every business introduction, a business card exchange follows specific Executive Presence protocols.

Your mastery of the business card exchange produces an immediate return on investment and moves your initial introductions to follow up opportunities.

Today, we’ll review a situation where business cards would be exchanged. Tom, you’re meeting a prospective client, Michelle, for the first time after getting to know her over the phone. OK, now exchange cards.

Michelle, So great to finally meet you!

Hi Tom, Delighted to finally meet you too.

I’ve got something for you too…My card!

Thank you, and I’ve got something for you too!

Now, let’s point out where Tom went wrong.

Tom aggressively thrusts his card at Michelle. Tom doesn’t look at her card; he just puts it in his pocket.

Tom’s card is shabby and dog-eared

Michelle you handled that well. But I think we can agree that there were a

few bloopers on Tom’s part. Tom, let’s try that again — here are some guidelines.

Yes, I want to learn to do it properly.

Okay, for starters, greet; shake hands.

Hi Michelle, I’m Tom, great to meet you

Hello Tom, Delighted to meet you.

Now, Tom, reach in your inside jacket pocket and at an easy pace, present your business card, face up so it can be easily read.

My card.

Tom, this time, when Michelle hands you her card, look at it — and then place it on the table.

That was great. And just a final tip, always make sure your cards are fresh and clean. A card case is a good idea. And now, once more on your own time.

Hi Michelle, I’m Tom. Great to meet you

Hello Tom, delighted to meet you

My card.

Thank you. Oh that’s great, nice logo.

Thank you

And here’s mine

Thank you

Your office is in a great location

Yeh, very close

Executive Presence means more than presenting your business card correctly it’s not just business etiquette – or looking and acting the part.

It is far more than skills, ability, and talent. Executive Presence combines leadership, communication and engagement expertise in a powerful mix – leading to continuous upward mobility.

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