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Diversity & Inclusion Training in the Workplace

Creating an inclusive organization requires leadership founded upon humility, vulnerability, courage and accountability. Changing organizational culture starts with raising awareness and developing tools to address and support diversity, equality and inclusion. During this interactive diversity and inclusion training, our expert facilitator works with your organization to deliver high impact content tailored to your business and aligned with your corporate strategy.

Who It's For

This diversity and inclusion workshop can be customized for all levels:

  • C-Suite executives
  • Senior leaders
  • Managers
  • High potentials

What Participants Will Learn

The tailored workshop is a highly-interactive, 90-120 minute session, where participants will learn:

  • What diversity, equality and inclusion means in today’s workplace
  • What exactly an unconscious/implicit bias is
  • How our brains and socialization affects bias
  • The four types of bias and how to recognize and mitigate them
  • The SEEDS Model™* and its impact on our world and others, including: socialization, intersectionality and good people fighting bias
  • How to address our own blind spots
  • How to create the tools and forums that promote collective growth and success
  • How to implement a toolkit for psychology safety
  • How to make the case for diversity and inclusion and why it’s a win-win
  • How to foster championship and allyship

*Source: Neuroleadership Institute

What to Expect

Throughout this interactive session, our trained facilitator encourages participants develop new ways of thinking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Using proven techniques, participants will have the opportunity to practice, discuss and reflect on learning experiences in a safe environment. They will also set personal goals for continued development.

What Participants Will Receive

  • Diversity and Inclusion workbook

How Your Organization Will Benefit

As the world continues to become even more interconnected with diverse workforces and marketplaces, organizations need to rethink their management, leadership and organizational strategies to remain innovative. This requires an integrated approach to developing environments that are welcoming, diverse and inclusive. In this diversity and inclusion workshop, our facilitators deliver customized content that will help put your leaders on the path to success.

At Corporate Class, our expert facilitators provide in-person and live online diversity and inclusion training in Toronto and anywhere globally. Contact us to learn more or get a quote today.

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