Brené Brown’s Top Videos That Every Leader Should Watch

The best Brene Brown videos every leader should watch

Want to know which Brene Brown videos you should watch?

Brene Brown is a world-renowned author, researcher, academic, and speaker. She has also appeared in many must-see leadership videos. 

Her videos include speeches, animations, and interviews and cover many exciting and empowering topics. Some of these include setting boundaries, the power of being vulnerable, how to exercise empathy, and more.

This blog post will cover the best Brene Brown videos every aspiring leader should check out!

Brene Brown on YouTube

The Brene Brown Empathy vs. Sympathy video discusses the difference between empathy and sympathy. Brene mentions that although these two terms are often used interchangeably, they have very different meanings. 

Empathy is a skill that people can use to make people feel safe and included. On the other hand, sympathy can lead to more isolation and loneliness. 

In the Brene Brown Empathy video, you’ll learn four strategies that’ll help you become a more empathetic person:

  • Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • Listening without being judgemental.
  • Actively recognize someone else’s emotions that you may have experienced before.
  • Showing someone that you can recognize that emotion.

The Brene Brown Rising Strong video is an inspiring video available on YouTube. 

In the video, Brene discusses the power of choosing to own your story instead of hiding, hustling, and pretending. She also mentions that you are only truly free once you show up and own your story. 

She says that being brave doesn’t mean that you are a hero, a villain, or a victim. A courageous person takes back their power while writing their own story. This way, you can find love even after you’ve experienced heartbreak and success after disappointment.

Brené Brown’s best speech videos

In The Anatomy of Trust, Brene Brown introduces the audience to the seven elements of trust, also known as the BRAVING acronym. The acronym stands for Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vault, Integrity, Non-Judgment, and Generosity.

The Brene Brown video on trust gives you a valuable checklist to help you identify and deal with trust issues or mistrust. You can use the list to clearly see when someone breaches your trust. Brene Brown also reminds the audience that trusting yourself and others is a vulnerable and brave undertaking but a necessary one. 

The Brene Brown Boundaries video is another fantastic speech video that every leader should check out. She discusses how people should combine boundaries, compassion, and empathy to foster genuine and authentic relationships with others.

What is Brené Brown’s most famous TED Talk?

The Brene Brown TED Vulnerability video is one of the most viewed talks in the world. 

In her TED Talk, she discusses insights from her research and encourages the audience to embrace their vulnerability to truly understand what it means to be human.

Where can I watch Brené Brown?

You can watch any Brene Brown video on the Brene Brown website, YouTube, Netflix, and HBO.

Is Dare to Lead Brené Brown on Netflix?

Dare to Lead Brene Brown has a Netflix documentary called The Call to Courage. 

The 76-minute documentary was released by Netflix on April 19th, 2019, and features powerful speeches by Brene Brown. She discusses choosing courage over comfort in a world where fear, uncertainty, and shame are rampant. 

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