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Why Mental Fitness Is Important in The Workplace

Why Mental Fitness Is Important in The Workplace

Why mental fitness is important in the workplace

No leader or management team can ever afford to ignore or neglect the mental health of their workforce. Mental health is every bit as important as physical health. If a workforce is not thinking, feeling, or performing at its best, distress, exhaustion and other negative symptoms may result. When these unfortunate results occur, it is bad news, not only for those who suffer from them, but for the business as a whole. Fostering good mental fitness is, therefore, not only a humanitarian good that companies can grant to their employees, but a strategic investment in future prosperity.


Poor mental health can have a disastrous effect on output and productivity. It is associated with additional absenteeism, presenteeism, and lost productivity. Employees with good mental health miss fewer work days, and are much more likely to be rated as top performers and engage more deeply in their work than people struggling with their mental health. Staff who suffer from poor mental health have difficulty concentrating, take longer to perform tasks, experience difficulty reasoning and making decisions, put off challenging work, and have difficulty juggling tasks. All of this translates to reduced quality and quantity of output.  

Project Management

When one or more team members are slowed down by poor mental health, the entire team suffers. In addition, it takes a toll on supervisors and managers. The potential for interpersonal conflicts, tension and generalized unproductive behavior tends to increase. Management finds itself having to neutralize these potential issues, while also struggling to find ways to maintain productivity. 


Workers who are mentally fit are inclined to be more satisfied with their jobs, and thus less likely to leave of their own accord. Fostering mental fitness is, therefore, a great way to reduce staff turnover and nurture a committed and invested team.

Coaching for Mental Fitness

Thriving employees who enjoy good mental health are more productive, more satisfied, and less likely to leave voluntarily. They recover more quickly from setbacks, are more engaged in their work, and more creative. All of this reflects increased productivity and a robust bottom line – so, how do employers get their staff to this sought-after position? Professional productivity coaches can certainly help. Training mental fitness involves fostering a proactive approach to life and work. Staff are taught to recognize and process their negative emotions before they become habitual. They are also shown useful reframing exercises that help them view situations differently and take a solutions-centered approach. Mindful practices are also central to good mental fitness in the workplace. 

Corporate Class Inc. is a global authority in leadership coaching and empowerment. We strive to develop exceptional leaders and to assist organizations in developing effective leadership approaches. Based in Toronto, and with a worldwide presence, we have helped to nurture mindful leaders since 1984. Contact us to find out how our training and consultation can help you promote mental fitness in your workplace.

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