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Mental Fitness Webinar - For Leaders

Based on the Positive Intelligence® work of Shirzad Chamine

Join us in our mental fitness webinar to learn how you can improve both your performance and mental health.

When you’re not mentally fit, you feel mental stress – anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness – as you handle work and relationship challenges.

It can be tough to achieve peak performance and experience genuine happiness when our minds are clouded by negative emotions and the constant survival-driven response of our Saboteur brain.

Problem: Did you know that a staggering 80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness? But fear not, for there is a solution at hand!

Solution: The great news is that with recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology, you can now improve your mental fitness significantly within 6 weeks of practice by learning to change our brain-activation from Saboteur brain (survival, fear-driven, negative emotions) to Sage brain (clear, calm, positive emotions) in just 6-weeks.

During this empowering webinar session, we offer you a sneak peek into what may be standing in your own way of reaching peak performance and experiencing true happiness.

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Who is it for:

This webinar is tailored to:

  • People managers in various functions (business, engineering, product, finance, etc.) who are looking to become better leaders
  • HR and Learning & Development Professionals looking for innovative coaching-at-scale programs to improve wellbeing, engagement and performance in their organizations

Mental Fitness improves 17 out of 18 EQ Competencies, increases performance AND wellbeing. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and overall well-being by participating in our transformative fitness webinars.

What You Will Learn

During this workshop you will gain insight on:

  • The 10 most common ways we self-sabotage and which way is yours.
  • The neuroscience of happiness and peak performance and 10-second techniques to activate your “right” mind.
  • How you generate your own stress, and how you can generate peace of mind instead (even in the midst of great challenges).
  • The “Three Gifts Technique” and how to use it to convert failures and setbacks into gifts and opportunities.
  • The mental muscle that gives top performers their edge, and how you can grow it with a few minutes of daily practice.

This mental fitness webinar promises to equip you with invaluable tools and strategies to unleash your full potential and achieve lasting personal development and success. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your mental well-being and enhance your overall performance in all aspects of life.


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Gain valuable insights into your performance and wellbeing with these great assessments that will be part of your registration.

Register now and complete your 5-minute confidential assessments today:

  • Saboteur Assessment
  • PQ Score Assessment
This session is based on the Positive Intelligence® work of Shirzad Chamine, a New York Times Bestselling author, Stanford lecturer, and coach to hundreds of CEOs and executive teams.
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