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The Benefits Of Having A Positive Intelligence

The Benefits Of Having A Positive Intelligence

The Benefits Of Having A Positive Intelligence

What is positive intelligence?

Positive intelligence is a new skill that measures how often your mind acts in your best interest. Your mind should be your best friend, but unfortunately, it can also be your worst enemy (self-sabotage). 

For example, if your mind is encouraging you to complete a task to meet the deadline, then it’s acting as a friend. However, it’s acting as your enemy if it’s telling you to forget about the deadline and go out with your friends!

Think of it this way: going to the gym is crucial if you want to maintain your fitness, improve your immune system, mental health, and flexibility, right?

The same can be said for your mental strength.

You need to exercise your mind and train it to channel positivity during stressful or challenging situations if you want to be able to deal with stress properly and achieve your goals.

Nobody can escape stress when they’re working – there are deadlines, the fear of performing poorly, the fear of losing your job, the fear of being late, and more. 

Fortunately, by working on your positive intelligence, you can experience sustained improvements in both your wellbeing and performance.

Boosts Team Productivity

Positive intelligence can also help boost productivity in one’s personal and professional lives.

In fact, a study of over 2,75,000 people revealed that higher positive intelligence leads to higher salary and greater success in work, marriage, health, sociability, friendship, and creativity.

Positive intelligence is crucial for managers in the workplace since it can encourage team leaders to perform duties with empathy, sympathy, and mindfulness. This skill will also help leaders provide strong social support to employees. This way, employees can excel during stressful periods and perform to the best of their ability. 

Research also shows that happy employees:

  • Are 31% more productive
  • Achieve 37% higher sales
  • Are 3 times more creative
  • Are 40% more likely to get a promotion
  • Are 10 times more engaged

Employees can also provide social support to team members by:

  • Helping others when they need it
  • Engaging in creative problem solving
  • Inviting coworkers for lunch
  • Greeting people with a smile and eye contact

Changes How You View And Deal With Stress

Developing positive intelligence can alter your relationship with stress and how you handle challenging circumstances. 

Although your positive intelligence saboteurs are sometimes there to help you avoid trauma, danger and stressful situations, they also have a negative impact on how you deal with stress and other negative feelings. 

Fortunately, by developing your positive intelligence, you can figure out what environments and situations trigger stressful responses from your body and mind. Positive intelligence can also help you get your body and mind back to a calm and rational state when dealing with challenging circumstances. This way, you can avoid that common feeling of “fight or flight.”

If you want to improve your mental fitness today, visit the Corporate Class website.

We offer a 1-hour Webinar on Mental Fitness for professionals and teams. The webinar is based on Shirzad Chamine’s positive intelligence book and will help you learn how to improve your performance and mental wellbeing.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Managers across industries (business, engineering, product, finance, etc.) who are looking to become better leaders.
  • Human Resources and Learning & Development Professionals looking for innovative coaching-at-scale programs to improve wellbeing, engagement and performance in their organizations.

What will you learn?

If you’ve ever experienced mental stress, anxiety, or frustration while handling difficult tasks and relationship challenges, this webinar will help you tackle those feelings and find a way to move forward.

Sign up for our Mental Fitness webinar today to experience the benefits of positive intelligence.

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