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Work Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

Work Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

Work Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

What is hybrid working?

A hybrid workplace model combines remote and in-office work. 

Companies and teams across the globe are adopting this type of work model because it gives employees more flexibility, autonomy, and improved work-life balance. Hybrid workplace models also give employees the opportunity to work in their most productive setting – whether this is in a highly collaborative in-office setting or quiet home office. 

However, the hybrid workplace model also poses some challenges for businesses.

If organizations want to transition to a hybrid model successfully, they’ll need to find a way to create a positive workplace culture that fosters collaboration, productivity, and communication.

A Hybrid Future

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, 87% of business leaders expect to offer more flexibility, 23% expect the office to be the primary venue for work, 72% expect a hybrid model of working. 

Moreover, 54% of employees expect to work from home one day a week and 26% expect to work from home two to three days per week. Consequently, hybrid work is here to stay.

Business leaders need to find ways to build a positive work culture and create open communication systems that benefit all employees – no matter where they work from.

How to Build a Positive Hybrid Workplace 

Here are three ways you can build a positive company culture in a hybrid workplace:

1. Looking beyond perks 

Free lunches won’t do much for employees who are too stressed to eat and discounted gym memberships won’t prove beneficial for employees who are too busy to do anything outside of work!

Consequently, businesses need to consider how they can create the ideal workplace culture in a hybrid workplace. Giving employees more flexibility and autonomy when completing their tasks can boost employee productivity and engagement. Additionally, this shows employees that you trust them to get the job done – no matter where they work. 

Trusting your employees will also help you create a transparent, autonomous company culture. 

2. Setting up employees for success

Employees need the right resources to succeed at their jobs and be productive at work.

This includes:

  • Software: Ensure employees have the relevant communication tools, project management apps, and instant messaging apps to collaborate and communicate
  • Training: Ensure remote workers get the same level of onboarding and training as in-house employees.
  • Managers: Ensure the organization’s leaders and managers have the required training to supervise, manage, and mentor from a distance.
  • Team-building: Invest in virtual and physical team building activities so every employee has the opportunity to connect and interact with team members.

3. Employee involvement and work-life balance

Use surveys and one-on-ones to find out what matters most to your employees. This way, you can implement strategies and initiatives that make a real difference in your employees’ work and home lives.

You can encourage employees to block out lunchtime on their calendars daily and cut hour-long meetings to 45-minutes. These initiatives can benefit both in-house and remote employees.

If you want to ensure your employees and leaders thrive in a hybrid work model, visit the Corporate Class website today.

We offer tailor-made workshops that’ll teach your leaders and teams the importance of resilience and perseverance in times of uncertainty. During our workshops, your team will learn important life and business skills that will help them adapt to change while remaining productive and deal with the unique stressors posed by hybrid remote work environments. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you create the most productive and effective hybrid work environment.

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