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Executive Presence & Leadership Development 360 Assessment Tool

Leadership Presence & Competencies Complimentary Demonstration

Communication Behaviour

Fostering ethical values and good judgement

  • You have well-defined values understood by all.

Promoting creative conversation and rapport

  • You genuinely try to look at matters from the other person’s perspective.

Sharing engaging and compelling vision

  • You create a plan of action for realizing the vision.

Demonstrating consistency

  • You are at ease advocating for yourself.

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Interpersonal Communication

Maintaining a Conversation

  • You usually listen more than you talk.

Working a room

  • You are always prepared before going to a social event.

Striving for focussed, high quality online communication

  • You turn off and avoid your phone during meetings and social engagements .

Demonstrating on-stage presence

  • You speak clearly, concisely, and succinctly.

Conveying and reading body language

  • You are effective at reading people.

Conducting a Business Meal

  • You are aware of the appropriate time to talk business.

Generating Results

Fostering efficiency through technology

  • You leverage technology to boost productivity.

Maintaining a customer centric orientation

  • You motivate people to provide outstanding customer service.

Generating Results

  • You ensure that business outcomes deliver long-term value.

Cultural Awareness and Inclusion

Promoting the success of others

  • You allow others to make decisions.

Building a global mindset

  • You effectively adapt to meet the changing demands of a global environment.

Embracing the power of diversity

  • You value the views and opinions of others.

Mastering emotional intelligence

  • You create an optimistic “can do” atmosphere.


Fostering the development of staff

  • You offer timely and constructive feedback .

Building Collaboration and Networking

  • You network with others to accomplish goals .

Promoting team alliances

  • You willingly accept guidance from those with more expertise.


Maintaining a polished Image

  • You have a positive reputation within the workplace.

Setting direction

  • You are a good decision maker.

Creating first impressions

  • You are liked by most people.

Natural curiosity

Maintains self-control and a desire to thrive

  • You are a self-assured leader.

Identifying new horizons and chances

  • You encourage others to think ahead, and not just focus on current goals.

Explorative attitude

  • You demonstrate flexibility and adaptability .


Feeding forward

  • Your main strengths are…
  • The one word that describes yourself best…
  • Additional comments you would like to include…
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