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Millennials: Jump-Start Your Career

Millennials: Jump-Start Your Career

Millennials: Have you recently finished your studies, are preparing to graduate, or are just starting out in the first few years of your career? Does the sheer number of like-minded peers entering the workplace at once overwhelm you, and are you uncertain on how you can set yourself apart from others?

Do not fear: developing your business etiquette skills and enhancing your Executive Presence can make a remarkable difference as you define yourself in the workplace and launch your career with a strong start. These skills generally are not taught in universities, nor are they intuitive when you enter the workplace. Refining them at the start of your career can make a lasting impact on your future.

Standing Out from Others

  • At the start of a career, many individuals have little or no previous professional experience. But even if you do not have many qualifications and experiences on your resume, you can still appear professional and competent – without seeming too self-assured or overconfident. Business etiquette skills can help you achieve this, as well as help you to set yourself apart from others entering the workforce.
  • Except for certain commerce programs or career workshops, there are not many opportunities to learn business etiquette in universities or colleges. Yet as you enter the professional world, it is essential to have an understanding of the skills that are outside of the technical qualifications of a job: such as business dining etiquette, how to appropriately use technology in the workplace, or the benefits of a good headshot. As the chances for Millennials to learn these qualities are simply too few and far between, you will have a significant advantage if you do take the time to learn and develop your business etiquette know-how.

Setting the Stage for Success in the First Years of Your Career

  • The first few years of your career are absolutely essential in setting yourself up for a lifetime of success. At this point, you already need to be building professional relationships, asserting your ideas, and making great first impressions. Do not wait until you are older to start these important steps.
  • It is proven that your twenties are a critical period of development. In an insightful and eye-opening Ted Talk titled “Why 30 is not the new 20,” clinical psychologist Meg Jay discusses the need stop delaying adulthood and for young adults to be accountable for their decisions and development at an earlier age. According to Dr. Jay, “the first ten years of a career has an exponential impact on how much money you’re going to earn.” This statement is not to be taken lightly. If you start off on the right foot, you will thank yourself later.

Resources to Help You Start

Your twenties are an exciting part of your life and career. Make the most of this decade by making thoughtful decisions, fostering meaningful connections, and developing your skills!

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