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How to Build Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

How to Build Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

How to build resilience in times of uncertainty

Not sure how to help your employees build resilience in times of uncertainty?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were already experiencing uncertainty and ambiguity due to widespread digitization and globalization. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the shift to increased digitization and magnified the many challenges businesses were already facing. 

Moreover, employees are expected to adapt to these changes quickly – this includes adopting new technologies, developing new processes, and working remotely. Additionally, employees are expected to achieve the above while remaining engaged and productive. 

So how do you ensure your employees thrive in such trying times?

Resilience is a crucial part of every high-performing team – the ability to remain focused under pressure and manage projects through adversity sets competitive teams apart from others. 

Fortunately, resilience is a skill that can be developed. Here are five ways to help your team build resilience in times of uncertainty.

Build trust

A workplace culture that prioritizes trust, accountability, and flexibility can help employees develop resiliency. Organizations can promote trust in the workplace by ensuring the leadership team is approachable, vulnerable  and friendly. Additionally, managers need to support team members even when mistakes are made. This way, employees feel more comfortable bringing up issues and improving on their mistakes.

Moreover, organizations need to promote a healthy balance between deadlines and the employees’ well-being. Organizations can do this by setting realistic expectations across teams.

Listen to your employees

Listening to your employees is one of the easiest ways to gather intel on what business processes are working and what needs improvement. Organizations can get the point of view of their employees by conducting one-on-one interviews, sending out anonymous surveys, and holding focus groups. Leaders can then use the data to create effective strategies to help employees adapt to change and build resiliency.

Focus on emotional well-being

Employees suffering from mental health issues or even a general sense of disillusionment are often less productive and frequently absent. This, in turn, will negatively impact the business’ profits and goals. 

As a result, businesses must prioritize emotional well-being, especially during trying times. Organizations can invest in counseling support, employee health programs, and resilience and stress management workshops. 

Communicate your commitment to your employees’ emotional well-being

Employee well-being is now at the forefront of most employers’ minds. But it’s not enough to just create programs that promote emotional and mental well-being – organizations also need to ensure their employees know about the existing programs. This way, employees can take advantage of them. 

Organizations can inform staff members via email, posters, SMSs, and more. This form of open communication might encourage employees to get involved in the programs.

Put programs in place that help build resilience

Organizations need to invest in programs and resources to help their employees develop resilience. This way, organizations can nurture their resilient employees by ensuring that employees have the necessary resources, programs, and support in place to navigate an ever-changing world. This is crucial since workplace disruption is inevitable, and the only way organizations can thrive is by understanding that their employees are only human and will deal with change differently. 

Additionally, creating tailored programs will let your employees know that you are trying your best to support and keep them engaged even in the most challenging circumstances. This way, your organization will maintain your most crucial asset – 


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