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How does your Executive Presence measure up?

How does your Executive Presence measure up?

Do you want to enhance your Executive Presence, but have no idea where to start? Do you have trouble determining your areas for improvement or knowing how others perceive you? It can be difficult to understand the strengths and limits of your own Executive Presence without knowing the right questions to ask yourself. Luckily, we have developed some tools that can help you to determine exactly where you stand.

Evaluate your Reputation Capital
In business, your reputation is one of your most valuable assets and you must work constantly to build and improve it. Your reputation follows you everywhere: it is the presence you have even when you’re not there. And as one of the six components that compose “gravitas,” reputation is essential to your Executive Presence.

Of course, because your reputation has so much to do with what others say about you and how they perceive you, at times it can be difficult to assess the state of your reputation.

As part of our free resource page, our Reputation Capital Quiz can help you to define just that. The quiz, divided into the categories of “Character,” “Communication,” and “Trust,” takes a holistic approach to assessing your reputation – as mastering each one of these categories is essential to a strong and positive reputation.

The questions will ask whether you…

  • Care and act with everyone’s welfare in mind?
  • Come across as a person who has a genuine respect for others?
  • Go out of your way to communicate your genuine personal commitment to those you work with?

… Plus several more that aim to give you an accurate and honest picture of the current status of your reputation.

Assess Your Executive Presence
Executive Presence is important both on an individual level as well as a team level. There are three pillars of Executive Presence: Image, Communication and Gravitas, or the ability to be calm, confident, decisive and poised all at once.

To help you organize all of the many components which constitute Executive Presence – and allow you to reflect on your own projection of Executive Presence – we have developed two scorecards for assessing your own presence as well as that of your team.

Questions that assess your individual Executive Presence will ask whether you…

  • Are familiar with all protocols for business and social introductions?
  • Project credibility and instill trust immediately?
  • Always remember everyone’s name?

The team scorecard will ask you and your close colleagues whether your team…

  • Knows how to work a room and make good use of social opportunities to connect with clients and prospects, instead of sticking together at events?
  • Is highly knowledgeable on all the latest rules of virtual etiquette?

Reflecting on the status of your reputation and your presence is very important to initiate growth. Once you’ve taken these first steps, we can help you find the right path to improving your Executive Presence.

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