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Executive Presence: Does your team measure up?

Executive Presence: Does your team measure up?

executive presence

There was time in the not so distant past when the expression “Executive Presence” actually referred to the aura, charisma and poise of mostly senior leaders. Today, it is universally understood to be the characterization essential – for aspiring leaders at every corporate level.

As its authority and stature have risen, Executive Presence has assumed a more empathetic mindset. The original, narrow definition has expanded to include an individual’s ability to:

  • Forge alliances, bring people onboard, enlist others in a shared vision, move things forward
  • Consistently demonstrate an understanding of other people’s perspectives
  • Persuade and influence with authority through finely honed communication skills
  • Adopt big-picture thinking

Put your team to the test across 10-key Executive Presence categories

This brief quiz is designed to reveal the current standard of EP within your organization. It may give you a surprising perspective on how the nuances of daily behavior come together to project EP to clients and stakeholders, your competition, and within your organization.

10-key Executive Presence categories:

  • Authentic Executive Presence and First Impressions
  • Corporate Goals and Branding
  • Presentation Skills
  • Body Language
  • How to Work a Room at networking events
  • Virtual Communications
  • Office Politics
  • Run Effective Meetings
  • Professional Appearance
  • Executive Dining

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