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Business and Dining Etiquette Training – Eating Your Way to Success

Business and Dining Etiquette Training – Eating Your Way to Success

Don’t eat another important business meal without reading this first!

In these situations, having undergone business dining and etiquette training can prove invaluable. Let’s take three scenarios. An international client is visiting and you’re planning to dine. A potential commercial partner suggests you go out for dinner. You are attending your first corporate annual holiday banquet.

You are confident, charming, sharp and dressed for success. What about your business table manners? Place your fork the wrong way and your international client is not impressed. Eat the bread on your potential partner’s plate and she starts to question your judgement. Argue with the waiter and your colleagues think you can be a real jerk. In today’s climate of rising globalism, dining etiquette can make or break your success. 

Whether being a new employee at your first formal social event or an experienced executive out for your typical client lunch meeting, corporate meals can mean big business. Improper dining etiquette is simply bad for business.

People today understand the importance of dining etiquette in business and protocol Sandra McCance, the Career Manager at Queen’s University School of Business, succinctly stated, “Protocol is everything.”

“During my time at the Washington School of Protocol, it became clear that dining etiquette skills are a priority among business people. At a formal dinner with the Speaker of the House on Parliament Hill, everyone was watching the Speaker before they picked up a fork, anxious to not make a faux pas.  With great delight I watched another guest who had taken our dining etiquette training, perfectly at ease, making conversation, and never once worrying about how to act. Dining confidence is critical.”

Sandra McCance

Of course, it is important to recognize a fish fork from a dinner fork, but what is most important is to feel confident and not let the “little things” ruin your presence or conversation. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are so preoccupied with your table manners that you are neglecting social etiquette, your company or even your reputation.

Here’s where we can help.

Fundamental Dining Etiquette Training

Learn business dining skills at your own pace with Corporate Class Inc.’s Executive Dining Etiquette CD. With 50-minutes of enjoyable practical hands-on instructions, this unique CD uses a common sense approach. You get a true dining/video experience: you are seated at the dining table with simultaneous images, voice and text summaries.

You are taken through real-life dining dilemmas and shown how to reach a new level of confidence and competency. There is also an entertaining quiz at the conclusion of the program to test your dining etiquette understanding.

In 10 Easy-to-Follow Steps, You Will Learn the Following in the Training Course:

1.     How to take the lead when hosting guests

2.     How to be a gracious guest

3.     Top five dining etiquette mistakes you should never make

4.     Top 3 Essential Place settings – casual, informal and formal

5.     Styles of eating: To switch or not to switch

6.     Toasting at the beginning and the end of a meal

7.     Handling your knife and fork

8.     Napkin Etiquette

9.     How to eat difficult foods

10.  Paying the bill

Fast and easy learning. Corporate Class has made its dining etiquette lessons available in both audio and video format so you get a total learning experience.

For the seasoned professional. Often highly visible people tell me about the importance of what I do, however, as we start eating, I quickly realize that they overlooked a few simple important etiquette rules themselves. This dining etiquette CD teaches you everything you need to know to impeccably handle any business or social meal.

For any professional on the fast track to success. Employers often conduct interviews over lunch. Here’s where you can stand out from the crowd of other applicants. From these comprehensive dining etiquette lessons you will learn how to behave graciously, identify and handle tableware, eat difficult foods, and much more!

It makes a great gift for students or any professional.

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself the differences in correct dining etiquette that can add to your success. Get your Business and Dining Etiquette Training CD  today!

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