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Certificate in Women in Leadership Masterclass  /

DTL Certificate


Type: Learning

Level: Foundational

Time: Days

Cost: Paid

Additional Details

Certificate in Women in Leadership Masterclass

Issued by Corporate Class Inc.

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Women Leadership Training Power Up Your Presence
This workshop by Corporate Class Inc. was created by women for an inclusive audience. Designed to ensure measurable and lasting organizational impact, this masterclass provides interactive executive presence training for women in a safe environment where participants examine strategies to address common difficulties, challenges and obstacles. They experience a journey of self-discovery and reflection resulting in strengthened performance and confidence.

Leadership Skills

  • Boardroom Presence
  • Build Confidence
  • Coaching
  • Communication Skills
  • Community Inclusion
  • Conquer Stereotypes
  • Emotional Intellegence
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Executive Presence
  • Executive Skills
  • Habit Formation
  • Impactful Communications
  • Impactful Presenting
  • Influence And Persuasion
  • Influence And Power
  • Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Presence
  • Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Training
  • Leading Change
  • Mitigate Bias
  • Overcome Self-Doubt
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speaking Assertively
  • Stress Management
  • Women In Leadership

Earning Criteria

  • Through a 2-day workshop, participants learned how to interrupt self-doubt, overcome imposter syndrome, and self-advocate with ease. Conquer the myths and stereotypes of gender, race, ethnicity and nationality to help navigate difficult moments and combat workplace bias. Learned emotional intelligence to show up with curiosity and consideration for others’ perspectives, drive results, and manage stress and pressure. Effectively addressed micro-aggression and everyday slights rooted in bias.
  • Participants had to prepare a presentation that included crafting a compelling message, rehearsing effectively and speaking with confidence. Videotaped and feedback from the facilitator and all other participants.
  • The second module is about our Call to Courage. We all use armor to protect ourselves, but that armor is heavy and prevents us from growing, being seen, and being in connection with others.  When we’re in fear, or an emotion is driving self-protection, there’s a fairly predictable pattern of how we assemble our armor, piece by piece.
  • Participants completed a self-assessment to help them recognize what it is about them that fascinate people. The report was used to build a brand statement and discover areas of potential behavior derailment.
  • There were several group discussions to explore how to apply new skills. Several self-reflection exercises as well.

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