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Certification in Dare to Lead™  /

DTL Certificate

Type: Learning
Level: Foundational
Time: Hours

Certification in Dare to Lead™

Issued by Corporate Class Inc.

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Dare to Lead TM 2.0 – Brené Brown: Six-Part Live Virtual Series

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to become a braver, more daring leader. In this program, they developed the skills it takes to do brave work, have tough conversations, and show up with their whole heart.

This virtual workshop is run weekly on Tuesdays from 1pm to 5 pm EST. Select from available cohorts below.

Leadership Skills

  • Building Client Relationships
  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Integrity
  • Building Trust
  • Confident Mindset
  • Executive Presence
  • Handling Setbacks
  • Impactful Communications
  • Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Leading Courageously
  • Mastering Tough Conversions
  • Overcome Self-Doubt

Earning Criteria

  • Through a highly interactive 24-hour program, four modules were mastered.
  • The first module explores and dispels myths. “We need to trust to be vulnerable, and we need to be vulnerable in order to build trust.” Brené Brown.
  • The second module is about our Call to Courage. We all use armor to protect ourselves, but that armor is heavy and prevents us from growing, being seen, and being in connection with others.  When we’re in fear or emotion is driving self-protection, there’s a fairly predictable pattern of how we assemble our armor, piece by piece.
  • The third module is braving trust. Participants discovered how to build meaningful and authentic connections with their teams, colleagues, and customers so they can work together from a foundation of trust.
  • The fourth module is learning to rise. Participants became aware of their emotions and stories to learn how to show up and lead with courage – even when faced with failure, disappointment, and setbacks.

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