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Bounce Back from a Negative Performance Review with Executive Coaching

Bounce Back from a Negative Performance Review with Executive Coaching

2014:01 - Two executives review docFeeling discouraged after a negative performance review? Was the feedback less rewarding than what you had hoped for or expected? Are you unsure of how to proceed? Thoughts and feelings like this after a disappointing performance review are natural. But there are steps you can take to recover quickly from a bad review – and help you to improve for the next one.

Corporate Class Inc.’s Executive Coaching is designed for individual needs. The one-on-one coaching focuses on your personal and professional goals and business objectives. Pursuing this program is an excellent action following a negative review, as we can help you to examine all of your areas that need improvement as well as formulate concrete steps to becoming a stronger professional.

For those managing or delivering performance reviews, this is also an excellent option to consider for your employees. Think and plan ahead for those employees who need improvement by arranging individual coaching for staff members. This is a great way to enhance the skills and strengths of your team, as well as demonstrate to your staff that your organization is dedicated to employee growth and development.

In addition to pursuing individual Executive Coaching, here are a few steps you can take now to bounce back from a negative review:

  • View criticism as constructive
    Negative points in your review are not provided to make you feel like you haven’t done a good job; rather, they should offer insight into how you can work more effectively or efficiently. Though it is easy to take this feedback personally, try to change your perspective by seeing it in an objective light. By taking a step back and detaching your emotions from the feedback, it is possible to assess how you can improve.
  • Discuss with your boss if you have questions about the review
    Certain points of feedback may not make sense to you, or you may have worked hard in an area that your supervisor has interpreted differently. If this is the case, arrange for a follow-up meeting with your reviewer to discuss any unclear feedback. Not only will this give you a better sense of how you can improve, it also may provide insight on how you can more effectively demonstrate your hard work and efforts.
  • Give time for reflection
    Do not act immediately following a negative performance review. Your strong emotions may get the better of you. An article in The Wall Street Journal suggests taking a day or two to let the review sink in, and to reflect and recover from your initial reaction to the review. Otherwise, your defensiveness or anger could take over your response to your reviewer or boss – which could worsen the situation.

Above all, do not feel that a negative review is an absolute. Instead, it is a great opportunity to improve your performance in your company and to become a stronger professional. Our individual Executive Coaching can help you along the way.

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