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International speaker and teacher on the topics of presence and well-being

Cory Muscara

Cory Muscara is an international speaker and teacher on the topics of presence and well-being. For the past few years, he has taught mindfulness-based leadership at Columbia University and currently serves as an instructor of positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2012, Cory spent 6 months in silence living as a monk in Burma, meditating 14+ hours per day, and now aims to bring these teachings to people in a practical and usable way. Named by Dr. Oz as one of the nation’s leading experts on mindfulness, his meditations have been heard more than 10 million times in over 100 countries. Cory is the host of the top ranked podcast, Practicing Human, host of the mindfulness app and platform,, and author of the bestselling book, Stop Missing Your Life: How to Be Deeply Present in an Un-Present World.

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