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Associate Director

Christiane St-Amour

Christiane St-Amour is a Leadership Development specialist. She brings her expertise as a seasoned executive coach to CCI, where her extensive experience addresses leadership presence, training and development. Christiane speaks fluent English and French; she facilitates programs in both languages

Known for aligning leadership teams around a common vision and strategy, Christiane’s reputation as an executive coach spans a diverse cross-section of industries. Whether she is leading major corporate initiatives, coaching large groups or small of senior and mid-level management, or conducting high-powered sessions for peers, Christiane sets the bar high. A natural leader and powerful motivator, she is widely known as a facilitator with high expectations who instills ambitious goals for every client.

As well as Christiane’s extensive corporate clientele, professional athletes are drawn to her focused, uncompromising coaching style. She is sympathetic to their ambitious, game-loving spirit and inspires athletes to stay committed. Her clients include athletes at every level from those preparing for life after the game to the National Hockey League (NHL).

Christiane is certified in Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Styles and Organizational Climate. She completed her CCI Certification training in 2015. Additionally, Christiane is certified to deliver clinical interviews as a Behavioral Event Interviewer and has created certified content for the International Coach Federation.

She is constantly envisioning new ways to deliver the highest quality Leadership Development training. Christiane may be contacted at:

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