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A photo of Barry Kuntz, a team member of Corporate Class Inc., in a professional setting, with a confident pose and a friendly expression.


Barry Kuntz

As an Associate, Barry Kuntz is fully accredited to lead and facilitate our workshops and training programs. An acclaimed executive coach, Barry is widely recognized for guiding high profile and senior leaders through the intricacies of developing presentation skills reflective of their position and stature. He is a specialist in media relations training – how to communicate effectively with the press, journalists and broadcasters.

A captivating presenter, Barry has held senior executive positions at General Motors of Canada Ltd. in sales, service, marketing and public affairs. Highly respected as a motivator, team builder and collaborator, Barry is passionate and talented at coaching individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their best.

He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Administration degree. He is an active supporter of numerous charities, having sat on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Medic Alert Foundation, the Traffic Injury Foundation, as well as the Grandview Children’s Foundation, and as a trustee for the Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery. Barry may be contacted at:

Pause: Standout Whenever You Speak


Tens of millions of people world-wide fear and even loathe speaking in public. But speaking to impact and influence others is a critical life skill. It’s not enough to have the best product, the best service or the best idea―you need to be able persuade and convince others that what you’re offering is the best. That requires the ability to present your product, your ideas and yourself in the most compelling yet authentic way.
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