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A photo of Adam Lecker, a team member of Corporate Class Inc., in a professional setting, with a warm smile.

Certified Personal Trainer

Adam Lecker

Adam Lecker has been coaching athletics for 24 years and he was certified as a personal trainer in 1997. Since 2011, Adam’s focus has been around his passion for human biomechanics and muscle physiology.

In 2012, Adam became involved with Olympic weightlifting and received his Olympic weightlifting certification from the prestigious Kanama High Performance Facility. He holds additional certifications for VIPR, BOSU, SURGE, Trigger Point and Animal Flow.

Adam is committed to the strict use of scientifically supported training methods and techniques. As a dedicated bodybuilder, he has extensive knowledge of muscle hypertrophy training. In his search for total human optimization, he incorporates loaded movement and mobility training, proven to be the most effective and efficient training modalities.

Adam has most recently become an Onnit Academy certified coach, steel mace specialist, Foundations-certified and Durability-certified, and he holds an FRC certification. Adam may be contacted at:

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