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Executing the Perfect Handshake

Video Transcript

A perfectly executed handshake announces Executive Presence. How we shake hands communicates who we are and how we feel about ourselves and the people we meet.

Today, we’re going to discover how to execute the perfect Executive Presence handshake. In business situations, the handshake is the most acceptable form of touch. Please stand and shake hands.

Now, let’s see where Tom went wrong.

No eye contact. Tom didn’t make eye contact with Michelle

Shaking with both hands. Tom incorrectly used the two-handed “glove handshake.”

And finally, from the expression on Michelle’s face, Tom squeezed too tightly.

Now, let’s learn how to execute the perfect handshake using the Executive Presence 4-step technique.

Step 1: Extend your right hand and get ready to connect, while making eye contact. Keep your thumb up and fingers straight, so you fully grasp the person’s hand.

Step 2: With your hand in a horizontal position, connect with the other person’s hand web-to-web.

Step 3: Shake only twice, by moving your forearm from the elbow down.

Step 4: Now release.

Perfect! Now, once more on your own time. Perfect – keep practicing!

Executive Presence means more than a perfect handshake – it’s NOT just business etiquette – or looking and acting the part.

It is far more than skills, ability, and talent. Executive Presence combines leadership, communication and engagement expertise in a powerful mix – leading to continuous upward mobility.

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