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Working a Room

Video Transcript

A surefire test of Executive Presence is the ability to successfully Work a Room. It’s the optimum to meet and make new connections.

Knowing how to work a room rewards you with an immediate return on investment by making every networking second count whether your connecting with C-Suite executives or meeting new clients.

Today, you’re at a company reception. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to someone new in the company.

This is Stage One of the process where you’ll learn to Command a Room.

Hi. I’m Tom

Sorry… Tom.

Uh, Tom. Tom Preston.

THIS, this is a first for me! The following is the proper procedure that Tom failed to perform.

Eat before you go. Don’t arrive hungry. Because, all you’ll think about is eating and drinking.

Meet some people first, before you even think about a drink or eating. You’re invited to the event to network, not because you’re hungry and thirsty.

Meet and greet. Always keep your right hand free to shake hands and introduce yourself. And remember, you’re there to mingle and work a room.

Okay Tom, I think you know where you went wrong? Remember, you were invited to attend and mingle.

AND secondly, here’s an occasion where you have a chance to make a great Executive Presence first impression. You don’t want to blow it.

Let’s try that again.

Hi, I’m Tom Preston from the IT department.

Hello Tom, I’m Michelle from marketing.

I haven’t seen you around before. Have you just started?

Yes, I’m new. Delighted to meet you.

Welcome. Would you like something to eat?

Executive Presence means more than understanding how to Work – and ultimately Command – a room. It’s NOT just business etiquette – or looking and acting the part.

It is far more than skills, ability, and talent. Executive Presence combines leadership, communication and engagement expertise in a powerful mix – leading to continuous upward mobility.

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