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Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Our Approach

1. Establish a Baseline

Working with senior leaders, we help organizations understand their current state and establish a baseline. By comparing this to industry benchmarks, we are able to determine where they could, or should, be.

2. Develop Strategies for Goal Achievement

Next, we define goals and develop a strategy to achieve them. During this process, we identify short- and long-term activities and create a road map, while keeping in mind resources and other challenges the organization may face. This requires understanding the leadership team’s goals and priorities. Throughout, we help the organization better understand and quantify how diversity and inclusion in the workplace can improve both ROI and the bottom line.

3. Move from Intention to Implementation

Leaders often tout the importance of D&I in the workplace. Policies are created and employee resource groups put in place. Despite the best intentions, a high proportion of these organizations, although working toward compliance, maintain a singular culture and fall short of genuine inclusion. We will help you overcome those barriers and move from intention to implementation.

4. Improve Culture & Retain a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Finally, our consultants work to develop diversity and inclusion training, strategies and actions that improve the culture within an organization, thereby enhancing equity and diversity in meaningful ways—beyond traditional models of simply ticking the right box. Although Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) may help people feel good, they’re often not enough to shift culture and mindsets. We help organizations structure tailored initiatives and programs to both attract and retain a strong, diverse talent pipeline. Most importantly, we can help you build company cultures where people feel a sense of belonging.

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Why is D&I Critical for Your Business?

Today, the world is a different place than a mere decade ago. How will your organization prepare itself, your talent pipeline and organizational structure to ensure a competitive advantage that embodies a global mindset?

Over the next decade, the world will continue to be even more interconnected. With more diverse workforces and marketplaces, organizations need to rethink their management, leadership and organizational strategies to remain innovative.

Leaders require an advanced, integrated approach to develop environments that are welcoming, diverse and inclusive. When organizations effectively leverage the intersectionality of individuals as a key resource, they build employee engagement and “skin in the game.” This has a huge impact that results in defining the organization as an employer of choice, with enhanced ability to attract and retain excellent talent.

Why Choose Us

We are in the business of empowering people at all levels and across all industries through experiential learning. We believe that through the empowerment of one’s self, individuals can find the ability to empower others in their communitiesresulting in meaningful collaboration and performance. 

Our consultants provide thoughtful approaches, strategies and support, developing short- and long-term plans to help an organization turn good intentions into implementation and measurable outcomes.

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