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Breakthrough Point Executive Presence Masterclass

12-Week Masterclass for Leadership Growth

Welcome to the Breakthrough Point Executive Presence Masterclass, where leadership excellence meets transformation. Our program is designed to empower individuals at all levels of their career journey with the skills and insights needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. Whether you’re a C-suite executive, a seasoned manager, or a rising star, this masterclass offers an invaluable opportunity to elevate your leadership presence, develop your unique strengths, and foster authentic connections. In these carefully crafted modules, you’ll unlock the secrets to impactful leadership, learn the art of effective communication, and explore the depths of mindful and inclusive leadership. Delivered by expert facilitators, our highly interactive sessions provide a safe space for practice, reflection, and goal-setting. As you progress through this transformative experience, you’ll gain confidence, influence, and a clear path to personal and professional success. Join us on this exciting journey of growth, and together, let’s uncover the leader within you.

Empowering leaders with the skills and insights needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.!!

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The Breakthrough Point: From Cause to Effect:


In this transformative section, we delve into the profound concepts of being “at cause” and “at effect” in your life. These fundamental ideas underpin personal responsibility, decision-making, and your perspective on the world. Through the BTP Release Protocol, we’ll map out a powerful journey to uncover and overcome the barriers holding you back.

As we explore each trait’s impact on your identity and effectiveness, we’ll empower you to seize control of your life’s direction. With the BTP Release Protocol as your guide, we’ll break down these barriers, clearing the path for your personal growth. By the end of this 12-week program, you’ll retake the assessment, witnessing the remarkable strides you’ve made on your transformative journey. Together, we’ll set and conquer your goals, igniting immediate progress towards the life you’ve always envisioned.

We will uncover where you are at cause and where you are at effect.

The terms “at cause” and “at effect” are concepts often used in discussions related to personal responsibility, decision-making, and one’s perspective on situations.

  1. At Cause: When someone is said to be “at cause,” it means they perceive themselves as having control, influence, and responsibility over the events and circumstances in their life. Individuals who are “at cause” tend to take initiative, make decisions proactively, and believe that they can shape their reality through their choices.
  2. At Effect: On the other hand, when someone is described as being “at effect,” it means they see themselves as being largely influenced or controlled by external factors, events, or circumstances.

Together, we will go through the BTP release protocol. A powerful map to unblock what’s holding you back.

We will look at each trait and how they impact your identity, your effectiveness, and the impact this has from you getting what you really want out of life.

Using the BTP Release protocol, we will get you to overcome barriers and hidden blocks.

We will move you in the right direction. At the end of the 12-week program, you will retake the assessment so you can see how you are improving and the great strides you are already making. It will be a truly transformative journey.

Together, we will explore all of the different goals you want to achieve and start working on them immediately.


Week 1: Your Detailed Breakthrough Point Report 

We will review your detailed report and guide you through the BTP Release Protocol, aimed at helping you address that one character trait holding you back in your career and personal life. This process will empower you to overcome this barrier when faced with challenges.

For the coming 10 weeks, our journey will delve deep into every trait through a combination of captivating videos, hands-on exercises, and thought-provoking discussions. It’s important to note that even if you currently exhibit a high level of a particular trait, circumstances may change, affecting its prominence in your personality over time. This exploration will provide valuable insights into the dynamic nature of our traits and their influence on our lives.

Week 2: Attention Trait  

The attention trait encompasses a range of essential qualities, including the ability to maintain focus, manage space effectively, maintain organization, and exhibit unwavering perseverance. These attributes play a vital role in achieving success in various aspects of life, from personal projects to professional endeavors and career success. 

Week 3: Emotion Trait

Managing the emotional trait that currently holds us captive in our lives is a pivotal journey toward greater self-awareness and well-being. By acknowledging, understanding, and proactively addressing these emotions, we can regain control over our reactions and decisions. This process empowers us to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and emotional intelligence, ultimately fostering personal growth and a healthier, more balanced state of being.  

Week 4: Composure Trait

The composure trait embodies qualities of tranquility, graceful poise, self-discipline, and a healthy sense of self-esteem. It reflects one’s ability to remain calm and composed, even in challenging situations, contributing to emotional stability and confident self-expression. 

Week 5: Certainty Trait

The certainty trait revolves around attributes such as competence, reliability, and predictability. It underscores the importance of being dependable and consistent in one’s actions and decisions, which fosters trust and confidence in both personal and professional relationships. 

Week 6: Activity Trait 

The activity trait encompasses your energy level, vigor, and willingness to take initiative. It reflects your proactiveness and enthusiasm, which play a vital role in driving action and productivity in various aspects of your life. 

Week 7: Boldness Trait 

The boldness trait embodies qualities of unwavering conviction, assertiveness, and relentless determination. It signifies the courage to take risks and pursue goals with confidence, making it a fundamental driver of achievement and success in various endeavors. 

Week 8: Responsibility Trait 

The responsibility trait encompasses characteristics of resilience, rationality, and stability. It signifies one’s ability to handle challenges with a calm and rational mindset, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to fulfilling duties and obligations even in the face of adversity.

Week 9: Correct Estimation 

The Correct Estimation trait centers on the skill of evaluating reality with a rational and discerning perspective. It involves the ability to assess situations accurately, make informed judgments, and approach decisions with a grounded sense of realism. 

Week 10: Empathy

The empathy trait encompasses qualities such as harmony, friendliness, openness, and the manner in which we project either a cool or warm personality. It reflects our capacity to connect with others on an emotional level, fostering understanding and creating a welcoming and approachable demeanor. 

Week 11: Communication 

The Communication trait revolves around our unique communication style. It encompasses whether we tend to use colourful and vivid descriptions or opt for a more formal approach. Additionally, it relates to how extensively we expand upon our statements to ensure clarity and effective communication with others. 

Between Week 11 and 12: Retake of the BTP Assessment 

Week 12: 

  • Review of your progress comparing your two BTP Assessments 
  • Plan your next steps 
  • Mine for Goals: Define – Strategize – Activate
    • Define: Having goals ensures you have a solution-focused and developmental plan instead of remedial. It is the antecedent of WHY we want to do something.
    • Strategize: Strategies perform several functions. They help you see your goals as more tangible and possible by breaking each goal down into stages. They also ensure the coachee does things differently. It is the WHAT needs to happen to achieve your goal. 
    • Activate: Goals without strategies that group actions together end up with a long “to-do” list that can become overwhelming. This is your HOW. 

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Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

The Intel Corporation logo styled with blue text on a white background.

Adriana Quevedo

Director of Executive Search
and On Boarding,
Intel Solutions


The presentation materials are absolutely first-class. There’s a powerful engagement factor that attracts business professionals across all levels, so I can present to an extraordinarily diverse range of people. CCI’s techniques for mentoring interactive sessions immediately put participants at ease. The materials are thorough — even potentially delicate issues are resolved with grace. The Trainer’s Manual is so comprehensive it’s like a Master-Class textbook for executives. I especially like the adaptability factor; I can adjust the timing and cover all the key points to accommodate unexpected scheduling changes. The Executive Presence System is easily understood and assimilated by everyone I’ve ever coached. Even participants only part way up the learning curve are motivated to continue their journey. The range of material covered is exceptional. This is a key factor for me because with every session, I find participants consistently want more and more information. They genuinely look forward to each session.

Terri Williams

Panache Career Strategies
Washington, D.C.

Thank you for one of the most powerful sessions I have ever participated in. The 5-day Certification Program was a game changer for my business and me. I have been in the business of professional coaching for over 15 years and to walk away from a week with CCI having learned as much as I did was impressive and inspiring. CCI’s Train the Trainer Certification addressed what I anticipated the program would provide, plus so much more. Executive Presence is a critical component to an individual’s success in business today and this is the missing component of my service offering I was looking for. Not only did I learn how to work with my clients to help them with their executive presence but I also learned a tremendous amount about me and my own executive presence. The CCI team is incredible, knowledgeable, generous with their time, resources and materials – I was completely blown away by how much information and materials they shared and gave us. They made sure we are all set up for success.

Christiane St-Amour Rivard

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Specialist
Montreal PQ

Thank you again for the training you provided for our team. All the tips and advice were very helpful and the delivery of the overall message regarding image was priceless from my standpoint. You created awareness that I can now build upon as the leader of this team, and for that I am most appreciative! I will plan to stay in contact with you and I hope that we can engage your talent once again at our Captain’s Conference.

Greg Purdy

SVP, Marine Operations, Royal Caribbean International
Ricoh, Miami FL

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