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Leadership Assessments

Fascination Advantage® Assessment

What is Fascination Advantage®?

The Fascination Advantage Assessment is designed to identify how the world sees an individual when they’re at their best and the strengths of their communication style. The system is based on a decade of proprietary research and groundbreaking analysis of over one million professionals and their patterns of success.

What Will Be Assessed

Rather than focus on how an individual looks at the world, Fascinate reveals a different perspective: how the world sees them.

The Fascination Advantage Assessment is based on branding, rather than psychology. The assessment indicates communication patterns and highlights how individuals are uniquely suited to excel in a specialty.

Individuals complete a 28-question test and then receive a personalized report detailing the archetype (how the world sees them) and their primary and secondary advantages.

The Report

This report describes individuals are most likely to impress and influence others. It measures the highest and best use of their personal brand. Using the results of their how to fascinate test, participants will develop their unique value statement that they can apply immediately in various situations: at networking events, in an interview, when being introduced to others, or at presentations.

Increase your perceived value by understanding how you communicate most
confidently and authentically. Your Advantages: when you communicate using your natural Advantages, you’re more authentic and confident, and that helps you make a positive impression. Find out your most valuable traits, so you can be rewarded for what you’re already doing right.

  1. Primary and Secondary Advantages: Your most effective and efficient modes of Communication.
  2. Dormant Advantage: Your least effective and efficient mode of communication.
  3. Your Analytics: The data and detail behind how your personality already stands apart.

See the sample report here.

How You Will Personally Benefit

Today, professional presence and leadership presence are often used interchangeably. The foundation of our professional presence training is that self-awareness equips people to fine-tune their leadership skills. An important component of this self-awareness process involves other people’s perceptions.

If you’re interviewing for a job, or making a presentation to your team, of course you’d love to have all the time in the world to explain why they should hire you or why they should agree with your point of view. But the reality is that you don’t have all day. You have to cut to the chase and immediately add value.

At many points in your life and career you will find yourself in a moment in which you need to very quickly communicate your credibility. For instance, in a job interview, or big meeting.

How Your Organization Will Benefit

  • Identify new areas of potential within team members
  • Inspire high performance by identifying what individuals are doing right (so that they can do more of it)
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Foster positive communication and strong teams through understanding unique styles and approaches

A New Way of Engaging Your Employees

What if you could identify new areas of potential within your existing employees?

What if you could inspire every single person on your team to perform at their best?

The Fascination Advantage® Assessment is different than any other type of assessment or training.

Great brands analyze their outward communication that makes them more valuable and admired. You can do the same with individuals. The Fascinate® system highlights how they communicate at their best. We identify the qualities that make each person a valued and essential part of the team. Instead of focusing on what people need to “fix,” we highlight what they’re already doing right, so they can do more of it.
While spending the last decade measuring over a million professionals, we’ve uncovered a few important nuggets:

  • When an employer showcases each person’s advantages, they fuel performance, and build the foundation of a culture of engagement throughout the company.
  • If employees get the message that they need to “fix” themselves, they often shut down, or leave the company. Either way, the potential is lost. Employees need to feel that they are empowered and a valuable part of the team.

Fascination Advantage Assessment only ($59):

Individual with 1 hr debrief ($350):

Team with 2 hr workshop and Heat Map (Starts at $4,250):

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Assessment only ($59):

Individual with 1 hr debrief ($350):

Team with 2 hr workshop and Heat Map (Starts at $4,250):

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