Barry Kuntz

Bites and Scanning Techniques

Eye contact is important. You want to look at your audience approximately 85 to 95 percent of the time when presenting. While you pace your spoken ideas, it is also crucial that you look at your audience just before and after an idea is delivered. The eye contact you make with your audience before you deliver an idea – the first pause – makes you appear to be thinking about what you are going to say, and helps them anticipate it. The eye contact you make with your audience after you deliver an idea – the second pause – gives the audience the impression that you are looking for their reaction, their understanding, and their permission to continue.

There are two proven methods that help you shift from making eye contact with the audience and referring to your notes. Though both methods might feel strange to you, they look perfectly natural to the audience. Practice by videotaping yourself!​

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Carol's YouTube interview about leadership and career

Carol Stephenson talks about the importance of CEO succession planning during Board meetings.

Video Transcript

At Corporate Class we prepare senior leaders to excel in the high-powered world of corporate Boards.

Hello, and welcome to this week’s video tip: The selection, performance monitoring and succession of the CEO.

Every Board of Directors most important responsibility is the selection, performance monitoring and succession of the CEO.

Succession planning includes review and input of C-suite members and other high potential people.

Whenever the board meets, succession planning is always a discussion topic.

I assure you that your board is continually and actively looking for opportunities with you.

The better your board knows you and your capabilities, the better it can positively influence planning to help you reach your potential.

Jim Collins, the American author made it very clear in his book Good to Great that great companies focus first on who, then on what. Warren Buffet says the same thing.

They recognize having the right people in the right place is the critical element of success in a business more than strategy and tactics.

Click on the link below to watch a short video where Jim explains how a CEO candidate famously pitched this theory to great acclaim.

Also, be sure to click on the link below to visit our blog to read more about interacting with the board.

See you again soon!

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Still Image Christiane

Christiane St. Amour-Rivard talks about Leadership Presence

Video Transcript

At Corporate Class we partner with your organization to provide customized Leadership Presence training. So your champions – employees and executives with the most potential – develop as genuine leaders. We take your high-potentials And train them to perform at peak levels. So they can achieve personal and team success and reach organizational goals. Like Olympians or elite athletes we develop, train and coach your corporate champions to become your future leaders. Let us show you how we can transform high potential into exceptional performance.

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Jim Olson

Jim Olson talks about Board Presence

Video Transcript

As a C-Suite professional in my corporate career and now as a Board Member I know even seasoned professionals require training so they can interact effectively with their corporate Boards.

At Corporate Class we prepare senior leaders to excel in the high-powered world of corporate Boards.

We train senior leaders to understand the Board’s dynamics, their practices and protocols and the expectations of their members.

We help leaders avoid missteps and make the most of these brief presentation opportunities.

Handled with care and preparation, a meeting with the Board of Directors can make all the difference and mark the beginning of your transition to the next level.

Learn more about this milestone training:
Contact Corporate Class for the details.

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Still Image Barry

Barry Kuntz talks about Working A Room

Video Transcript

At Corporate Class, we show you how to work a room. Because working a room is very important to Executive Presence. Whether attending a meeting, a business lunch or an industry conference that’s where impressions are made relationships forged and ideas sold.

Learn how to say anything to anybody at any event with comfort poise and ease – We’re Corporate Class,

Let us show you how to master working any room.

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Still Image of Corrine

Corinne Lavictoire talks about Stage Presence

Video Transcript

At Corporate Class we train you:

  • To make powerful presentations
  • To stand out when you speak
  • To communicate your ideas and make them memorable
  • To conquer the butterflies in your stomach

Great communicators all have great stage presence.

They know that: To inspire, to persuade, to win people over; Delivery must compliment content.

It’s really all about what you say and how you say it. Facial expressions, eye contact, body language tone combine with verbal delivery – to elevate content.

Let us help you master your executive stage presence.

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Still Image of Ithida

Inthida Ngeth talks about Executive Presence for Women

Video Transcript

At Corporate Class we empower women to take their potential to the next level – with confidence, authenticity, and impact.

We guide aspiring women leaders to comfortably express their values, their thoughts, and their ideas.

By cultivating self-awareness – they emerge with influence.

We, at Corporate Class, inspire ambitious women like you – to refine their presence, to become more poised, more successful and consistently project confidence.

Contact us – unleash your inner power.

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Still Image Colombe

Colombe Nadeau-O’Shea talks about Professional Presence for Emerging Leaders

Video Transcript

At Corporate Class, we’re Professional Presence specialists. We bridge the gap between graduation and the corporate world. We prepare new professionals for career success and open doors of possibility with practical, business conduct insights.

Our training guides new recruits or employees to raise the bar on behavior, to manage first impressions and recover from mistakes, to accept difficult feedback, willingly, to build constructive relations with mentors, and, to start a journey of self-discovery.

What are you waiting for?

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