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Leadership Presence Online Training

Master your interpersonal, social and leadership skills so you can:​

  • Show up intentionally
  • Exude confidence and gravitas in each and every one of your interactions
  • Remain authentic and embrace your unique talents
  • Visualize it till you become it
  • Develop your mission critical skills and celebrate your success!

Introducing Corporate Class Inc.

Where great leaders are made.

We are in the business of empowering people.

We believe in the power of realizing your own worth.

We have developed the one and only Self-Paced Leadership Presence System.
  • As a leader, a top performer, what does it mean to have leadership presence?
  • How can you build your leadership presence?
  • And what can having a strong leadership presence and being more self-aware do for your career?
In this self-paced comprehensive online leadership training program, you’ll learn the elements of outstanding leadership presence and how to elevate it to become a better leader.

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The saying in business is that, ‘You hire for skills and you fire for behavior.’

And one would argue that in order to move up in career, to be promoted, to take on additional responsibility, in many ways that’s linked more to the attitudes and behaviors that you carry rather than what you know technically about a given subject. ~ Gerald Chertavian

Hello, I’m Diane Craig, President and Founder of Corporate Class Inc.

Fortune 500 companies, business schools and government agencies have hired Corporate Class Inc. over the past 30 years to optimize performance and potential across every organizational level.

Recognized internationally for our Executive and Leadership Presence Training System, myself and the entire CCI team of experts facilitate customized training, workshops, private coaching and keynotes to organizations around the globe.

From C-Suite and senior executives to new professionals we are proud to have helped elevate the success of some of the most influential people in the world.

Early in my career:

I had the opportunity to work with several of our country’s political leaders. Initially, I was hired to help with their image and brand.

I traveled with several of them and their communication team. I attentively observed the presence they brought to the room, their impact on diverse audiences, how they worked the room, what they did differently to project credibility, instill trust, be an engaging speaker, the congruence of their words and body language, the empathy they displayed and so much more.

Some did a great job at some of the things I observed, sadly I must admit, I saw many of them struggling more than thriving.

Some of them were brilliant, committed to the well-being of our nation and yet they didn’t show up that way.

I wanted to help beyond enhancing their image and brand. I took copious notes, did a lot of research and that is how the Corporate Class Inc. Executive and Leadership Presence Training System was developed — and to this day, we continue our research, keep on top of the latest industry trends, study how leaders evolve through the rapid changes and how we can best help them become better leaders.

Are Poor Leadership Skills Holding You Back?

  • You have failed to make a great first impression at a client meeting – can you recover from a negative first impression?
  • You wonder about the effect you have on others – do others impact you in a way that causes you to lose confidence?
  • You think your interpersonal communication skills aren’t measuring up to the level of effectiveness you need for success.
  • You want to communicate with confidence and assertiveness without appearing arrogant, aggressive or superior – how is that done?
  • Your virtual image impacts how you are perceived – are you hesitant to put yourself out there? How can you elevate your game, and stand out even when others can’t see you physically?
  • You are undervalued for your hard work because you may not be showcasing your strengths. The air of leadership authority is one of the most important Leadership Presence fundamentals. It signals that you are the real deal, someone worthy of being heard and followed.
  • You struggle with being authentic as a leader especially when office politics get in the mix.

The Biggest Myths Holding Our Trainees Back:

Myth #1: You are born a leader

Reality: While some people seem to have natural leadership skills, it is really a reflection of what they have learned and the skills they developed over time. These skills are learned through Leadership Presence training, the gold standard in leadership development, where you learn the neuroscience behind how the executive brain works. You will learn how to be intentional, strategic and develop your gravitas.

Myth #2: Technical skills are what companies’ value and hire for

Reality: Companies may hire for technical skills but they fire for shortfalls in behavioural skills. While you may be technically strong, and will account as your price of entry, your interpersonal and social skills will tip the scale in terms of promotability and performance evaluation. Leadership Presence training helps you develop self-awareness and gives you the tools to effectively communicate with people across all levels of the organization.

Myth #3: Introverts can’t lead

Reality: There are many successful leaders that would define themselves as introverts. Through Leadership Presence training we guide you on how to honour your individuality and style while leveraging the great qualities that make you unique as a leader. To quote Susan Cain “The trick for introverts is to honor their styles instead of allowing themselves to be swept up by prevailing norms.”

It is possible to strategically improve your social skills, become a leader, and present yourself with purpose and power — no matter your current level of leadership skills.

We’ve taught this framework to thousands of people and the results have been incredible:

It will open your eyes and provide new insights 

Alex O 

Excellent; lots of new learning and recommendations

Patricia B

I feel like I’m walking out of here a new person

Kristin L

It was amazing, I would highly recommend

Bernita L

Introducing CCI's
Executive and Leadership Presence Training System

A science-based self-paced training program for developing the leadership skills you need to stand out from your peers, make meaningful connections, inspire action, and get ahead in your career.


The Executive and Leadership Presence Training System is grounded in research and developed in an integrative, experiential way because we all learn differently.
Thousands of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, work with us because our programs and results are exceptional.

Our mission is:

  • To help leaders establish their own personal leadership presence imprint by defining and refining their personal strengths.
  • To move leaders from intention to implementation to integration; shaped by experiential learning principles. The results are impacts you can see, feel and measure.
  • To share our belief that leaders are developed not born. Presence can be cultivated to elevate their uniqueness and impact to build their exceptional.
  • To empower and inspire transformative change in leaders through coaching, training and consulting.
  • To accelerate organization’s growth by providing leaders with industry-leading training.

Raise your income by $29,000!

That’s right. According to research, people with high levels of emotional intelligence earn an average of $29,000 more annually than those with less emotional intelligence.

Awesome, eye opening about what I need to change

Nicole M

Loved it! I learned more action lessons than another class

Tim K

Very fun and informative. Applicable for next steps growing as a leader

Dan G

Are you a future-ready leader? Leaders of the future…

  • Are skilled at being human centered, thoughtful, inclusive and leading globally in times of uncertainty and crisis.
  • Leverage their intellect to enhance their interpersonal skills and create stronger human connections.
  • Develop more complex skills/strengths/characteristics related to developing self and others, particularly with the generational and cultural competency gaps.
  • Spark insight into behavioral change while embracing the emergence of AI and honing the power of human centered creativity.
  • Are highly strategic and agile in their business approach while championing diversity and inclusion as foundational to organizational success.

After taking the program, you will:

  • Know how to project credibility and instil trust
  • Connect better and faster
  • Find your voice
  • Be skilled at handling difficult conversations
  • Be better at speaking up for yourself and communicating your needs to others
  • Captivate an audience when responding to a question or presenting your ideas
  • Be better at self-advocating or championing yourself
  • Gain the confidence to set healthy hustle-boundaries and say no when appropriate
  • Stay calm and collected under pressure and stress

Ok…I’m convinced. But, why online leadership training?

Recent research, conducted by the Neuroleadership Institute, shows that virtual learning, when done right, can be dramatically more effective than in-person workshops.

A smart virtual learning program was around six times more likely to get people to take actions than the usual way learning is delivered in person. Not 6% better, or 60% better, but 600% better.

Liked range of topics and how each module completed the others

Anoela K

Was amazing, a great growth experience

Therese D

It was fantastic. Opened my eyes to things I hadn’t thought about

Michael W

Here’s what you’ll learn:

In this self-paced online leadership training program, you’ll learn the elements of leadership presence and how to elevate it to become a better leader.

Designed for leaders and top performers, this acclaimed program offers one full year of access to over 8 hours of interactive learning modules, activities and quizzes that can be completed all in one workday or on your own schedule.

In this transformative online leadership training program, you’ll discover how to:

Skill 1 icon: Nail first impressions and master body language

Skill 1: Nail first impressions and master body language

Stop worrying about being forgotten or making a bad first impression. Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we fail it. This lesson answers the why and the how to nail it every time!

Skill 2 icon: Communicate with confidence and clarity

Skill 2: Communicate with confidence and clarity

Public speaking, presentation skills and difficult conversations: this lesson gives you a road map to excel in ALL of those areas of leadership.

Skill 3: Build a powerful personal brand that’s memorable and unique

Discover your distinct values and how to communicate them clearly and consistently. This lesson will show you how to strengthen your brand and its main currency: your reputation!

Skill 4 icon: Leverage networking opportunities to expand your reach

Skill 4: Leverage networking opportunities to expand your reach

Your network is your net worth. This lesson gives you a relationship operating system complete with tips and techniques to build a strong network.

Skill 5 icon: Lead with purpose and impact to motivate and inspire

Skill 5: Lead with purpose and impact to motivate and inspire

Inspiring is the pull and motivating is the push. This lesson will guide you in identifying your emotional triggers, building an inclusive culture and becoming an inspiring and motivating leader.

Skill 6 icon: Set effective goals for future growth

Skill 6: Set effective goals for future growth

Learn the “secret handshake” and how to break-in and enter the inner circle. This lesson will help you discover your leadership style and how to stretch it when necessary to be more productive.

Skill 7 icon: Navigate office politics with confidence

Skill 7: Navigate office politics with confidence

From goals to strategies to an action commitment plan. This lesson will take you step by step on how to “Mine for Goals” and “Make your Goals Shine.”

Introduced me to subjects and areas I had not considered before

Bill Zhang

It was direct in its purpose, provided many ideas and tools to use in real life

Julie L

There were many elements that will help every leader no matter the level

Tasha C

I have attended many leadership courses and this was the most practical and insightful

Jennifer L

Frequently Asked Questions…

After working with thousands of trainees, we know there’s some common questions people have about the Executive and Leadership Presence Training System. We’re here to help you answer them:
This program is designed for:
  • Managers
  • High potentials
  • Rising leaders

You have access for one full year, so you can go at whatever speed you want to go. People typically complete the course in 8-10 hours over a few weeks. You also automatically get access to all bonus materials and any new bonus materials we add!

Absolutely! The course is online, so you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Yes! Many of our trainees add on a few hours of private coaching to take their leadership skills higher and accelerate their success.

Don’t see your question answered here? Email and we’ll happily answer them for you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll:

  • 100% Virtual Access to engaging videos, personalized assessments and interactive activities – all at your own pace and from any device
  • Come away with a new toolkit of skills and resources that will help you immediately
  • One full year access to over 8 hours of interactive learning modules, activities and quizzes
  • Additional resources to deepen your learning
  • Digital badge that can be shared to your LinkedIn account

30-Day, 100% Satisfaction, Risk-Free Guarantee:

After years of developing and testing with thousands of trainees, we’re confident that this leadership training will provide powerful results. In fact, we offer an unbeatable guarantee:

Take the entire training, and if you’re not satisfied, get every penny back.

I’m certain that this is the absolute best leadership presence training course out there — our students often come to us after having tried everything else.

This training program is the result of decades of researching, developing, and fine-tuning. It’s been a game changer for thousands of trainees. And, we’re confident that it will work for you.

Our guarantee is simple: Take the training, implement the activities, and see what happens. If you’re not satisfied with the results, email us, show us you did the work, and we’ll give you every cent back.

Of course, we ask that you practice the training in your daily life, because we know how powerful the results are. Just like any training, if you passively consume the information but don’t implement it, the program won’t work. But we guarantee that if you do the work, you’ll feel better about your leadership presence than you ever have before — and you’ll finally have the leadership, social, and interpersonal skills to open up new opportunities.

Here’s what some of our trainees are saying:

Where do you see yourself 6 months from now?

It’s been said if you do the same thing over and over again you will get the same results. Change and growth requires a shift in your mindset and commitment to your personal and professional development.

How do you ensure a growth mindset? Sign up for our Executive Leadership Presence program, and work through the modules utilizing the extensive resources provided to you in this program. Practice what you learn and revisit the content, exercises and quizzes every few months to gain a greater sense of your arc of change and personal progress.

The beauty of this program is that you have unlimited access for a year so you can refresh what you learn, practice the skills, go back and improve. Where else can you pay for a program and have all these resources to help support your learning and re-affirm your growth mindset?

Whether you want to flourish within your company, start a company of your own, or simply lead and communicate with purpose and authenticity — this is your chance. Plus with our 30-day guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

I hope to see you inside!

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Enrollment is OPEN for:


2 Easy Payments of $315






Pay in Full and Save $33



Questions about the course? Email and we’re happy to help.

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