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Leadership Presence

Online Leadership Training Program

As a leader, what does it mean to have “presence”? How can you build your presence? And what can having a strong presence do for your career?

Introducing the Leadership Presence Online Training Program

In this self-paced program, you’ll learn the elements of leadership presence and how to elevate it to become a better leader. 

Designed for rising leaders, this acclaimed program offers lifetime access to over 8 hours of interactive learning modules, activities and quizzes that can be completed all in one workday or on your own schedule. You’ll also get additional resources to deepen your learning.

Empower Your Leaders to Develop Presence

In this online program, your leaders will discover how to:

  • Nail their first impressions and master body language;
  • Communicate with confidence and clarity during presentations and conversations;
  • Build powerful personal brands that are authentic;
  • Leverage networking opportunities to expand their impact;
  • Lead with purpose to motivate and inspire;
  • Set effective goals for personal and business growth;
  • Navigate office politics with tact; 
  • Create an inclusive workplace built on respect;
  • and much more

Personalized Learning

Participants will learn from engaging videos, personalized assessments and interactive activities – all at their own pace and from any device. Empower your leadership team with a new toolkit of skills and resources that will help them grow immediately.

Private Coaching

Private coaching and group coaching call packages are also available to take their leadership skills higher.

Program Contents

As participants begin their leadership training journey, they’ll explore the reasons why they want to be in leadership and the four key pillars that – once mastered – make for excellent leaders.

As participants begin their leadership training journey, they’ll explore the reasons why they want to be in leadership and the four key pillars that – once mastered – make for excellent leaders. Quizzes in this section help participants identify their motivations and goals for the program.

  • Why you’re here
  • The 4 key pillars of presence

Managing first impressions is essential to establishing leadership presence. In this module, participants will learn how the human brain makes immediate judgments and how we can show up as our best possible selves to become influential and impactful leaders. Quizzes in this section help learners identify their trust quotient, what creates charisma and how to strike a (power) pose.

  • Why first impressions are so important
  • How first impressions are made 
  • How you can establish likeability and credibility
  • When appearance matters

The signals we give off can correspond or conflict with what we say. In this module, participants will learn how to understand and manage visual cues – and recognize them in others – and why this is essential to building trust.

  • How to communicate like a leader
  • Body language IQ
  • How to decode body language 
  • The 10 Cs of body language

This module on verbal communication has a lot to say. Participants will learn how to harness the power of speech in conversations, presentations, meetings and during networking opportunities. They’ll also learn how to listen effectively – something every good leader does. Quizzes in this section will help leaders power up their sentences, become a better conversationalist and deliver effective presentations.

  • How to listen to lead
  • Power words and when to use them
  • How to command and work a room
  • How to present with confidence

Increasingly, digital communications are the first way we interact with others in business. This module will teach participants the principles of developing an impactful personal brand, as well as how to improve their LinkedIn profile – the digital “hello” in today’s business world.

  • Why your personal brand matters
  • How to develop a personal brand that’s authentic to you
  • How to build a better LinkedIn profile

Leading with purpose means first creating a place where people are happy to work. In this module, participants will uncover their own natural leadership style and learn how to leverage it. Next, they’ll get the tools to recognize office politics and to create a culture of safety, inclusion and well-being. Quizzes in this section encourage participants to conduct an empathy scenario and test their knowledge on creating a psychologically safe and culturally inclusive workspace.

  • Why leading with purpose matters
  • How to leverage your leadership style
  • How to build a culture of inclusion
  • How to create empathy and well-being in the workplace

By now, participants have gained the know-how and tools necessary to Leadership Presence. But all that learning means nothing if it isn’t put into practice. This final module is about setting into motion what participants have learned. Quizzes in this section help participants set goals and establish a ladder of accountability.

  • How to hold yourself accountable
  • How to set effective goals
  • Building a personal strategy and actioning it

Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

Adriana Quevedo

Director of Executive Search and On Boarding,
Intel Solutions

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