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Leadership & Executive Presence Assessment

What is the Leadership & Executive Presence Assessment Tool?

This leadership development tool is a digital assessment system that can be scaled across your organization to provide an enriched experience and better outcomes. Developed in consultation with Luebke Consulting, It is designed to build communication, leadership and team building skills and assess competencies fundamental to advancement within an organization.

Core Competencies Assessed

Leadership skills and development make up the cornerstone of the assessment tool. Its focus is on assessing qualities to leverage strengths and reveal personal blind spots for 5 core competencies:

  • Communication skills
  • Cultural awareness and inclusion
  • Engagement and rapport
  • Generating results
  • Natural curiosity

How Your Organization Will Benefit

This leadership development tool can be scaled across your organization at a rate that exceeds traditional 360 interview techniques.

The executive presence self-assessment tool is:

  • Fully digital and easy to administer
  • Developed with an intuitive online design
  • Customizable and can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific requirements
  • Built with an autosave feature so respondents can pause at any time and their answers will be saved
  • Concise, meaning respondents can complete the assessment in less than 15 minutes
  • Designed to produce easy-to-interpret results

Sample Questions

Category: Communication Behavior – Demonstrating consistency

Q: An effective leader clearly expresses his/her brand, ensuring constant visibility and acting in a way that consistently reinforces that brand.


  1. At ease advocating for herself or himself
  2. Expresses his/her brand the same way across all communication channels
  3. Projects a consistent brand over time
  4. Remains constantly visible within the organization
  5. Stands out with his/her personal brand

Category: Setting direction

Q: A decisive leader demonstrates the ability to prioritize, focus and be alert to his/her environment.


  1. Focuses instead of multi-tasking
  2. Gets to the point quickly
  3. Is a good decision-maker
  4. Is comfortable making key decisions
  5. Is decisive
  6. Is generally effective at making decisions when in a hurry
  7. Waits for everyone to weigh in before making a decision

Category: Building a global mindset

Q: A savvy leader knows that advances in technology have created a borderless and interconnected global environment, which has led to higher standards in customer service and innovation; alliances between governments, industries and organizations; the requirement to balance global consistency with local cultural needs; and the necessity of having a global perspective with multicultural experience in different businesses.


  1. Effectively adapts to meet the changing demands of a global environment
  2. Seeks to acquire the breadth of knowledge and experience required to do business globally
  3. Studies cultural norms and customs before meeting international clients
  4. Takes inter-cultural factors into account when making decisions

Category: Building collaboration and networking

Q: A wise leader recognizes that people are an organization’s most valuable asset and invests in relationships by building trust, proactively focusing on a positive agenda, forging alliances across the organization and creating networks with outside partners.


  1. Avoids office politics as an instrument for achievement
  2. Collaborates well (rather than competes) with co-workers
  3. Effectively liaises with other organizations
  4. Effectively liaises with others within the organization
  5. Fosters productive teamwork within his/her organization
  6. Networks with others to accomplish goals
  7. Never gossips about other people within the workplace
  8. Strives to dissuade people from speaking negatively about others

Category: Explorative Attitude

Q: An adaptable leader sees change as an opportunity, driving change by challenging the status quo and encouraging creativity. Such leaders differentiate between leadership and management and are able to translate ideas into results.


  1. Driving change and operational renewal
  2. Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability
  3. Inspires people to create and innovate
  4. Knows when it is necessary to challenge the status quo
  5. Recognizes the benefits of change, not just its challenges
  6. Transforms innovative concepts and ideas into business outcomes

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Have a Question?
Learn More

Your workshop on Leadership Presence provided great insights in helping us tackle some of our daily communication opportunities. The experience was engaging and interactive. The real life examples made it even more compelling. Thank you!

Adriana Quevedo

Director of Executive Search
and On Boarding,
Intel Solutions

About The Leadership & Executive Presence Assessment Tool

Leadership & Executive Presence Assessment Tool

Our Leadership & Executive Presence Assessment Tool is designed to build communication skills, leadership qualities, team building skills and the full scope of competencies fundamental to advancement within an organization.

“We developed our customized, digital 360 assessment tool with Luebke Consulting. Founder Mirko Luebke was an obvious choice for this leadership skills initiative. His extensive experience includes:

  • CCI Certification in Executive Presence
  • McKinsey & Company Consultant over 12-year period
  • ICF Coach
  • Harvard GMP Graduate

An added plus is Mr. Luebke’s international background; Luebke Consulting is the optimal, strategic partner for developing this effective leadership development tool.”

— Diane Craig, CCI President, and Founder

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