International Business: Cross Cultural Awareness & Conduct

International Business: Cross Cultural Awareness & Conduct

“Cultural Intelligence training is fundamental to bridging cultural gaps.”

Although Executive Presence is globally acknowledged, there are often significant cultural differences from one country to another regarding the protocols of business interaction. North American’s instant familiarity, for example, and high comfort level with immediate usage of first names may offend international business associates. Strict adherence to status, respect for rank and even the stature of women vary across cultures.

CCI’s Cross-cultural awareness Course includes 4 modules:

1. Understand cultural differences

Learn to adapt with ease: To enhance the mutual respect essential to highly successful global endeavors within today’s interwoven marketplace.

2. Business hierarchy, status and relationships

Discover the variances from North American standards

3. Communication protocols

Make more successful connections

4. International business interactions

This module is country specific: Introductions, forms of address, body language, handshakes, business card exchanges, appropriate conversation, gift giving and dining all vary from country to country.

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Corporate response to CCI training:

CCI’s client, an internationally recognized Canadian government agency requested Cross-Cultural training. CCI conducted customized training based on the 4 Course modules. Here’s the response from a senior executive:

“Now, our officers are more comfortable receiving international visitors following your training. In particular, they appreciated learning the clear of lines of distinction for conversation. As a group, they shared a heightened confidence level.”

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