Reading Between the Lines

Engaging in office politics is a surefire way to be seen, heard and respected. As we’re beginning to see throughout this series of blogs on The Secret Handshake: Mastering The Politics of The Business Inner Circle by Dr. Kathleen Reardon, one does not need to be born a political genius to partake in their company’s political happenings. In last week’s post, we examined how to start forming relationships the politically savvy way, which is one of the first steps on the road to becoming a ... Continue Reading

Corporate Class Inc. At The Annual HRPA Conference

Corporate Class Inc., internationally recognized as the universal gold standard for Executive Presence System Training, is extraordinarily pleased to announce that we will be attending this year’s HRPA Annual Conference, held in Toronto. The HRPA’s Annual Conference and Tradeshow is Canada’s largest human resources conference, attracting thousands of business and human resources professionals from around the world. The excitement starts at booth #516! That’s where you’ll find the team ... Continue Reading

An Introduction to Office Politics: The Secret Handshake

In our last post, we looked at corporate culture, what it means, and why it’s necessary to engage with. Part of what engaging in your company’s corporate culture will allow you to do is successfully participate in office politics. But what exactly is office politics? According to Dr. Kathleen Kelley Reardon, Professor Emerita of Management and Organization in the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, describes it as being able to acquire what she has termed the “secret ... Continue Reading

How to Navigate This Holiday Season at The Office

Ah, December… A festive time of year filled with eggnog (and hopefully rum), Christmas carols, pretty lights and lots of shopping. The holiday season can be a joyous time of year, but it can also come with its fare share of awkwardness: bad gifts, annoying holiday office parties and terrible Christmas sweaters. This post is dedicated to helping you navigate the office during this holiday season so you can enjoy every minute of it! Here are a couple simple tips that can help you avoid much of the ... Continue Reading

Recovering From a Bad First Impression

As was discussed last week in the blog about creating a favorable first impression, the power and value of a good first impression is paramount in any given situation. Creating a good first impression can lead to new opportunities, new connections and help to propel you forward, at whatever stage you’re at in your career. In addition, as mentioned last week, typically first impressions are made with confidence, and tend to be solidified over time. However, that is not to say that you ... Continue Reading

How to Make A (Positive) First Impression

It is no secret that first impressions are important; they have been so since the dawn of our species. As homo sapiens were evolving, a particular defence mechanism was in place which allowed for the incredibly quick judgment of another of the same kind. The ability to judge another was of incredible value; it would initiate the fight or flight response. Is the other trustworthy? Friend, or foe? The same mechanism is still in place today. In fact, research suggests that we are not only ... Continue Reading

Leadership Presence: Being Present

As we discussed last week, leadership presence and executive presence are two terms that are nearly interchangeable; they both share many of the same characteristics and qualities, and they both can be learned. This week is the second installation of this blog series, on being present. Being present doesn’t simply mean paying attention, but truly focusing on the task at hand. Belle Linda Halpern and Kathy Lubar, in their book “Leadership Presence: Dramatic Techniques to Reach Out, ... Continue Reading

Before Your Next Trip Overseas…

Travelling abroad for work can often be an exciting and rewarding perk of your career. It is an opportunity to visit a new place, meet new people and see new sights. Often, traveling abroad for work isn’t always just about work, and usually involves some leisure time as well. You will be conducting business with those you are traveling to meet, and perhaps even travelling around the city or country with them as well during some leisure time. As much as your mind is (and should be) ... Continue Reading

Set Goals to Reach Executive Presence

  As we teach at Corporate Class Inc., Executive Presence is neither exclusive nor elusive – it can be learned. Still, a powerful presence is not something that you can acquire instantly without guidance or practice. You must take time to understand and incorporate Executive Presence into your life while building your reputation to go with it. However, do not let this discourage you from pursuing Executive Presence. Instead, set achievable goals and identify stages on the path to ... Continue Reading

Accessing Employee Training: The Canada-Ontario Job Grant

If you own a business or are in a high-level position at your company, providing training for your employees can often enhance their natural skills and teach them invaluable new ones that will propel them forward, which in turn will enrich and strengthen your company. Executive training can help boost networking skills, communication skills and can enhance an employee’s ability to build authentic business relationships. In addition, executive training can help keep employees and employers ... Continue Reading