Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Those Who Pursued a Professional Dream: Why Do You Love What You Do?

For entrepreneurs choosing to follow their professional passion, starting a business from the ground up can be risky and daunting. Yet pure excitement and enthusiasm combined with experience from previous jobs can help to jump-start a business. The key to maintaining a successful business is to continue to grow and develop skills and offerings in new and unique ways. How did you get into your business? Why do you love what you do? There are many reasons – and benefits – to transitioning careers ... Continue Reading

Five Steps to Your Next Job: Interviews and Executive Dining Etiquette

Bookmark this on Delicious         Last week I reviewed Narinder K. Mehta’s recent publication, Five Steps to Your Next Job, a valuable resource for anyone on the job hunt. In my previous post, I featured the book’s insight on the latest trends in the contemporary job market, notably building your resume and making professional connections via social networking and establishing your “online presence.” This week, I would like to continue the discussion by focusing on one aspect ... Continue Reading

Dining Etiquette with Diane Craig of Corporate Class Inc.

Bookmark this on Delicious   Click link to GET YOUR FREE DEMO! http://www.corporateclassinc.com/executive-dining-skills.php Master Your Dining Etiquette and secure your business goals! Contact Us Toll Free: Toll Free:1-877-780-1221 More on presentations 3 Secrets to AWESOME Presentations 5 Tips to Creating Powerful Stories Pontification From The Mount How to Give a Winning Presentation – 6 Great Tips   Subscribe to our FREE monthly newsletter Assess ... Continue Reading

Dining Etiquette Matters – Eating Your Way to Success

Bookmark this on Delicious Don't eat another important business meal without reading this first! Let’s take three scenarios. An international client is visiting and you have a lunch meeting. A potential commercial partner suggests you go out for dinner. You are attending your first corporate annual holiday banquet. You are confidant, charming, sharp and dressed for success. But what about your table manners? Place your fork the wrong way and your international client is not ... Continue Reading

A Fairytale Wedding

Last month my husband and I traveled to Vancouver for a whirlwind weekend of celebrations leading up to a family wedding. Every occasion, from the groom’s dinner to festivities for out-of-town guests and ultimately, the ceremony and reception, radiated a magical sense of happiness. Just planning and staging so many events is a challenge in itself. Add to this mix the delicate balancing act of blended families —the groom’s parents divorced and remarried— and you have boosted the factor wedding ... Continue Reading

Is the Customer Always Right?

When department store tycoon Gordon Selfridge opened his namesake store in London, over 100 years ago, his flair for marketing was apparent from the moment the front doors opened. As one of many innovations, he located the perfumery, or scent department as it was called then, adjacent to the main entrance to mask the smell of horse-drawn traffic. Today shoppers are typically greeted with a fine mist of fragrance as they step into department stores around the world and yet, Mr. Selfridge’s ... Continue Reading

Exemplary Executive Conduct — the Emblem of Every Successful Organization

I am a real advocate of looking up the ladder to role models, for cues and guidelines, so I was truly exasperated to hear the following story: A young colleague of mine, let’s call her Mandy, returned from a recent meeting so agitated, not even an iced cappuccino (with whipped cream!) would calm her down. Mandy explained to me that at the last minute she’d been invited to submit a bid to a potential client. She had worked around the clock on her proposal, including numerous calls to the ... Continue Reading

Fit for a Queen

My profession brings a constant parade of diverse clients. From one week to the next, I’m constantly surprised and delighted by the stream of people arriving at my virtual doorstep. Variety is, indeed, the spice of my life. It keeps me primed for a fast-paced — make that high-octane — life. A case in point is the call I received only weeks ago from journalist, TV broadcaster and host of Listen UP TV, Lorna Dueck. She had big news about the upcoming royal tour of Canada — and big questions ... Continue Reading

State Dinner at the White House

What a night for the Obamas! There’s no denying that I’ve been openly critical of some of Michelle Obama’s wardrobe choices — both before and after she became First Lady.  But Tuesday evening, I was in awe.  It was the first White House State Dinner since President Obama took office and Michelle definitely rose to the occasion.  What a gown — shimmering silk chiffon embroidered with sterling silver paillettes.  She resembled a magnificent swan — so full of grace. According to designer ... Continue Reading

Return to Sender?

When a Meal isn’t Served to your Satisfaction Everyone’s going back to school.  Here at Corporate Class we’re in the midst of preparing for a new “semester,” and while reviewing the course outline for our Executive Dining Program, something stood out.  Something touchy — and I’m not referring to tipping. The touchy topic is sending back food at a restaurant.  Where and why returning a meal — call it an unsatisfactory product — became such a burning issue is unclear.  What is clear is that ... Continue Reading